5 Best Manicure Techniques

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

4. Owl Nail Art

This can be a bit tricky to pull off but with patience, creating adorable own nail art is easy! First, you will need four different nail colors (one as base for the design, a lighter version of the first nail polish, a yellow or white nail polish and black or dark colored nail polish), a couple of toothpick, a small paintbrush or a nail art brush.

Start by coating your nail with a base coat, and painting a half circle on the tip of your nail until halfway to the cuticle with your nailbrush, fill the color in. Make sure the natural color of your nail is peeking through!

Next, draw a couple of tiny triangle shapes on the top corners of the half circle. This will be the “head” of the owl. Fill the color in.

Create an owl tummy by painting the big half circle with a smaller half circle using a lighter colored nail polish. With your toothpick, dot a couple of skin-toned or yellow-toned nail polish on top of the big half-circle. These dots are the base for the eyes. Paint a tiny inverted triangle between the two “eyes” for the owl’s beak.

Finally, dot the “eyes” with black nail polish as its irises and the owl is done. Dry your nail completely before finishing off with a top coat!