5 Best Manicure Techniques

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

5. Sparkly Partial Stripe Manicure

We’ve saved the easiest manicure trick for last. If you’re tired with the same ol’ full on glitter nail polish or you just want to save yourself the hassle of removing glitter polishes (they are notoriously hard to remove!), a partial glitter manicure is the next best thing. It’s trendy, eye-catching and you can totally do this at home.

First, you will need a base coat, a top coat, pieces of tape, and paper to create the stripe stencils.

With a buffed and filed nail, apply a clear base coat and allow the base coat to dry completely. Create several stencils so the lines are very straight. Place the stencil on the nail, the stripe can be horizontal and vertical, it’s your choice.

Then, paint with a glitter polish of your choice. Don’t swipe the glitter polish first, rather, dot the polish gently on the first coat, let it stand for a few seconds before swiping a second coat. This way, you get more glitter with every application.

The great thing about glitter nail polishes is that they are very forgiving so if you’ve made a couple of mistakes, it’s not as noticeable. But if you’re totally anal about the lines, you can correct any mistake with a q-tip soaked in nail polish remover.

Let the glitter polish dry completely before finishing off with a top coat.