5 Important Factors to Consider Before Getting Cosmetic Surgery

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Plastic surgery is a procedure that can restore, enhance, or alter certain features of the face. Although cosmetic surgery is hardly a new concept, it remains a taboo subject especially to those who have gone under the knife before. Thinking of getting a little nip and tuck? In today’s post, we are listing down the most important factors you need to consider before getting any type of cosmetic surgery:

1. Credentials and Certification

Some cosmetic surgeries are so minor; you can get back to your normal routine within hours. Others require general anesthesia and complete bed rest. Whatever type of cosmetic surgery you want, make sure you hire a certified plastic surgeon. Don’t commit to a certain surgeon just because the rates are affordable or he’s recommended by celebrities. Ultimately, choosing the best doctor to perform cosmetic surgeries will depend on his expertise and his credentials.

It helps if you’re very comfortable with the plastic surgeon. When you meet the surgeon, feel free to discuss your fears and concerns. Let him know what result you hope to expect and other concerns you may have about the procedure. An excellent surgeon won’t just answer your questions; he should make you feel at ease. Don’t hesitate to ask samples of his work or photographs so you know what to expect from the surgery.

2. Do Your Research

Just like anything in life, you have to do a lot of digging around to check if plastic surgery is the right choice for you. Start by researching on the safety of the procedure. You can go online and check online forums to get tips and comments from real people who have gone through the whole thing. There are always horror stories about failed plastic surgery but don’t ignore the success stories too.

Apart from the success stories and failed plastic surgery, research about the risks and complications of the procedure. Don’t discount allergic reactions, infections, and other post-op complications. Talk to your surgeon about the risks and the side effects to prepare yourself for the procedure.

3. The Cost

Cosmetic surgery isn’t cheap at all. Think of it as an investment for personal enhancement. Apart from the actual cost of the surgery, you have to consider the additional charges that come with recovering from the procedure. Think about how much you’ll have to save to get a specific surgery done. If say, your budget is not enough to cover the cost, then put it off for later rather that finding a surgeon who is willing to lower the surgery cost. Remember, you will get exactly what you pay for.

4. Know the Limitations

Cosmetic surgery is not a miracle procedure. The results you expect might not be the actual results you get once the bandage is off. This is the reason why some people go through several corrective surgeries after a single plastic surgery. The procedure itself is not perfect and it will take a long recovery period followed by physiotherapy to get your life back to normal. Our advice is to be realistic as far as expectations go and understand that any surgery has its own limitations.

5. Recovery Time

How long do you have to stay in bed to recover from your surgery? If you’re a busy mom then it will require a lot of planning to ensure proper healing. The same thing goes if you lead an active lifestyle or have work that does not allow absence for too long. We recommend asking your doctor how long you’ll have to recover from the procedure and schedule the surgery accordingly.