6 Reasons Why Men Shave their Head

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Sporting a shaved head is not only liberating, it comes with unexpected benefits too! Most men are wary of shaving their head completely because the look might not be flattering. But you’d be surprised to know that shaved head works with most face shapes. In today’s post, we are listing down the best reasons to ditch your ‘do for a chrome dome!

Avoid Bald Spots

Male pattern baldness affects millions of men around the world. Although you can take a pill to encourage hair growth, there is not much you can do once your hair starts thinning. Instead of agonizing with the idea of losing your hair or worse, consider a comb-over, why not shave all your hair off to make bald spots unnoticeable? Most balding celebrities – including Bruce Willis, Michael Jordan, Vin Diesel, Patricia Stewart – have embraced a shaved head.

Save More Time in the Morning

Do you spend a large chunk of your morning grooming, primping, and styling your hair? Grooming eats a lot of your time and if you combine that with hair styling, you will have barely enough time to sit down for breakfast! A shaved head eliminates all the hassles of hair styling. A shaved head is so easy to maintain, cutting your grooming time in half!

No More Expensive Hair Products

And speaking of hair styling, most men purchase a lot of hair care products to maintain the health of their hair. Although we recommend using the best hair care products to achieve healthy hair, these products are not exactly cheap! In addition, you are probably using hair styling products on top of your hair care products. All these cost money. Donning a shaved head is not only low maintenance, it is also affordable.

No More Hair Cuts

Haircuts are expensive, even for men. A haircut from a popular salon could cost anywhere between $20 and $30. That might not sound like much but men’s hair requires more frequent trim than women’s hair. You might not notice it, but you could be spending at least $400 in a month or so on haircuts and salon treatments alone! Sporting a shaved head is so cost effective. You do not have to spend an enormous amount of money on haircuts because you can do all the shaving at home. Just get an electric razor and shave your head, it is that easy to maintain your hair.

No Bad Hair Days

Even men are not impervious to bad hair days! But when you are sporting a shaved head, you don’t have to stress over your hairstyle! And because you have no hair to deal with every day, a shaved head will free you from occasional bad hair days. A shaved head allows you to focus on things that matter instead of stressing over your look because your hair seems off.

Boosts Confidence

There is something about shaved heads that truly bolsters a person’s confidence. Because you are not too hung up on your hair, you feel free! A shaved head is not only liberating, it also gives you an overall bold look. And nothing is sexier than a confident guy!