All About Blue-Colored Contact Lenses

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Always dreamed of having fabulous baby blues? You can fake your way into having piercing blue eyes by wearing a blue-colored contact lenses. Blue contact lenses come in all shades of blue but before you choose one, make sure the color suits your natural coloring. In today’s post, we are listing ways to find the best blue contact lenses for you:

Bright, Icy Blue Color Lenses

For most people who want blue contact lenses, they usually zero in on startling icy blues. However, this type of blue is too bright for real human eyes. Wearing an unnatural shade of blue will not complement your features at all. You can check the over-brightness of the contacts by wearing it outdoors on a sunny day or during the evening. If the eye color looks off, then it’s not flattering at all.

Lighter baby blues are best for naturally pale individuals with blond hair and cool skin tone. This type of blue will also suit people with red hair or light brown hair and a pale complexion. For medium skin toned individuals with dark hair, we recommend sapphire blue.

Dark Blues for Dark Eyes

For individuals with dark brown hair and light to dark brown eyes, go for midnight blue eye color. You can also opt for light blue if you want to give the eyes a slight violet glint. The general rule of thumb is to use deeper shades of blue if your natural eye color is darker. If your natural eye color is dark brown, opt for opaque color lenses. But for soft, multi-dimensional blue, we also recommend using lenses with different color blends instead of a single color.

Enhancement Lenses

If your natural eye color is blue or grey and you just want to enhance your eye color, then we recommend using enhancement lenses according to your eye color. Enhancement lenses do not contain enough pigment to hide your natural eye color so it will distort the original color.

This type of contact lenses features translucent color instead of an opaque color. It will deepen or brighten your natural eye color softly without looking fake.  However, enhancement lenses are not meant to mask the natural eye color. The translucency of the lenses allows darker colors to peek through.

How to Choose the Best Colored Lenses

Look at the Patterns

The patterns of the contact lenses should be realistic enough to fool onlookers that they’re your genuine eye color. Semi-transparent tint lets the natural eye color show through so they are great for light eyes. If you’re using enhancement lenses and you have light eyes, we recommend shades of aquamarine, pacific blue, royal blue, aqua, sky blue, etc.

Check Your Skin Tone

For realistic looking colored peepers, don’t forget to check your skin tone too! Your natural skin tone must complement your eye color so the lenses won’t look too stark. Generally, those with warm skin tones should go for darker eye color but medium to dark blue lenses should look flattering. For cool toned individuals, the choices are possibly limitless. You can go for classic baby blues to blue-violet.