Basic Manicure and Pedicure Tools Explained

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

To keep the fingernails and toenails clean and groomed, you need to stock up on basic manicure and pedicure tools. These tools are used to groom and buff the nails to perfection! Best of all, these tools allow you to groom your nails at home. You will save a lot of cash by grooming your nails at home as opposed to getting your nails done professionally in a salon. In today’s post, we are listing down all the must-have manicure and pedicure tools to get:

Fingernail Clipper

This is the most basic of all manicure tools and no stash should be without it. A nail clipper is used to trim the nails, keep it in shape, and remove a hang nail. The clipper usually comes with a built-in file to shape the nails and keep them at the ideal length. To keep the nail clipper clean, wipe it with an antibacterial solution before and after use.

Emery Board

An emery board is used to file the nails and keep the edges smooth. This product comes in metal or board/foamy material. You want a flexible emery board that adjusts to the contours of your nail. If you are using the emery board, always work in a single direction. Always replace the emery board regularly to avoid skin infections. Replacing the emery board regularly also guarantees better results because the file is not dull.

Cuticle Pusher

A cuticle pusher is a dual-tipped stick with a flat and pointed end. Both ends are used to push the cuticles back, creating pristine looking nails as well as remove dirt under the nails. When using a cuticle pusher, do not push the cuticles too hard and then cut them completely. The cuticles are meant to protect the nails from microbes that could enter the nail bed. Removing the cuticles increases the risk of nail infections. Again, keep the cuticle pusher clean by wiping it with an antibacterial solution before and after use. If you are using disposable pushers, replace the pusher often to avoid infection. Always use a cuticle softener when pushing the cuticles.


A nail buffer is a foam filer used to buff the nails to a shine. This tool is also used to keep the edges of the nails smooth and remove ridges. The buffer can remove minor stains and smooth out the surface of the nails. Using a nail buffer before applying any nail color will boost the life of the manicure. The buffer provides the ideal foundation for the nail color. You can also use the buffer to sport naked, shiny nails. Apart from a file form, buffers can come in rectangular blocks with different textures to buff the nails to perfection.

Nail Separator

This nifty tool is worn to separate the toenails from each other after applying the nail color. This way, the nail color will dry down without smudging.  This tool works simple enough, just attach the foam-like nail separator on the toe, separating each one from the other. Remove this only after the nail color dried completely.