Beauty Fixes to Hide a Hangover

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

If last night’s revelry is showing up on your face the next day, that does not mean you have to stay puffy, sweaty, and blotchy all day! These beauty fixes will help you look your best even in the midst of the worst hangover of your life:

Tighten the Skin

When the body is dehydrated, fluids tend to pool in recessed areas of the body including the eyes. Waking up hungover means feeling bloated and looking especially puffy! The best way to wake and tighten the skin first thing in the morning is to use chilled tea bags. Just steep a couple of green tea bags then pop them in the fridge for at least 15 minutes. Remove the teabags from the fridge and apply over the eyes. The antioxidants in green tea hydrate and nourish the skin. The cool temps tighten and refresh the delicate skin around the eyes too!

Drink More Water

Alcoholic drinks tend to leave the body dehydrated. That’s why you look and feel parched the next day. Dehydration also causes a pounding headache and bloodshot eyes. So to combat dehydration, drink more water. Drink several cups of water as soon as you wake up to detox the system. Drink more throughout the course of the day and you will feel better pretty soon!

Break Out the Skin Serum

The skin is extra thirsty after a night of taking jello shots so slathering a serum is a must to restore the skin’s natural glow. We recommend a nourishing, concentrated formula to pump up the moisture into the skin like a serum. Serums are more concentrated than your average moisturizer. The formula contains a potent mix of antioxidants and nutrients that brings dewiness and freshness to dull, dehydrated skin. It will also soothe redness, reduce blotchiness, and soften wrinkles.

Fixes for Bloodshot Eyes

To banish red eyes, apply eye drops as you prep your skin. Do this before applying any makeup on so you don’t smear the products. The eye drops will refresh the eyes and shrink the blood vessels.

Neutralizing the redness of the eye rims is one way to reduce the appearance of bloodshot eyes. Use nude colored eyeliner on the lower rim of the eyes to neutralize redness and make the eyes appear brighter, more awake. Do not use white eyeliner because the effects won’t be as subtle.

Color Correct

If celebrating all night left the under eyes extra dark, a regular concealer won’t do. Usually, yellow or pink-based concealers will not hide purplish or bluish discoloration under the eyes. Before using your concealer, apply an orange or salmon-tinted color corrector under the eyes. The reddish tint of the color corrector will neutralize the purplish or bluish discoloration under the eyes. Just blend the color corrector then apply a thin layer of your favorite concealer. Finish up with a whisper of powder to set the products in and you are good to go!

Restore Glow

If you want to bring color back to the skin and achieve a luminous complexion, try this trick: mix liquid illuminator or highlighter with your favorite base. The highlighter will add a flattering shimmer to your favorite foundation or BB cream.