Beauty Tips for Women Over 40

Photo by: Flickr
Photo by: Flickr

Beauty tips for women over forty include reducing stress, maintaining a healthy exercise regime, cutting down on sugar and simple carbohydrates and getting plenty of sleep. These factors play a big part in how they look and feel. At the same time, women in this age bracket can adapt their beauty routine to coincide with signs of aging, as clothing, makeup and the hairstyle that suited them in their youth will no longer do them justice.

1. Stress

Stress can have a negative effect on appearance. Stress hormones that increase when individuals are suffering from anxiety, cause blood flow to go towards muscles rather than skin. This results in a pallid complexion. In addition, extra frown lines and wrinkles can be formed due to the stiffening of facial muscles, and the immune system is likely to decrease resulting in skin becoming vulnerable to harsh conditions such as bad weather and toxins.

Developing a stress maintenance routine can help women cope with life’s difficulties so that their skin stays youthful for longer. Mindful exercise, such as yoga or tai chi, is a great way to relieve stress.

2. Sugar

Consuming sugar results in AGE, or advanced glycation end compounds being produced, which prevent antioxidants from working and damages collagen. Eating complex carbohydrates, which tend to be prevalent in brown foods such as brown rice and bread, rather than simple carbohydrates contained in white sugary foods can help women over forty maintain attractive skin.

3. Exercise

Moderate, rather than excessive or non-existent exercise can help keep women healthy and fit, which in turn will make them look and feel more beautiful. Roughly half an hour a day spent engaging in physical exertion will achieve the required amount of exercise necessary to avoid them gaining weight through insufficient activity.

4. Sleep

Not getting enough sleep can result in crow’s feet, frown lines, under-eye bags and poor skin tone. When adequate sleep is achieved, hormones that help with the production of elastin and collagen are formed that help keep skin smooth.

5. Clothing

Clothing women wore when young won’t necessary suit them as they age. Their body shape may have altered along with fashion, resulting in the contents of their wardrobe looking dated and not fitting well. As women get older, their body alters in many ways. Gravity, weight gain or loss, along with sagging skin can mean that clothing that reveals such areas are not suitable anymore.

When women are in their forties they can benefit from altering their clothing style to adjust to aging, and begin wearing classics, tailored clothing and sophisticated garments that make them look fabulous.

6. Hair

As age can result in loss of hair pigment and a sagging jawline, women of forty or over can benefit from having a haircut that helps minimize signs of aging. Refraining from dyeing their hair with a dark color will also help them look younger.

7. Makeup

Due to having paler skin and hair than in their youth, women in their forties usually need to adjust makeup application and colors used. Cosmetics applied with a heavy hand can look too bold on a mature woman and result in her looking pale. A light application of warm colored cosmetics is more appropriate.

As facial skin is prone to wrinkles, base makeup such as foundation needs to be light so that it does not sit in crevices. Smokers and sun worshipping are likely to have extra facial lines that need to be taken into consideration when using makeup. Lipstick that bleeds into lines around the mouth for example, can look unattractive. When a lighter shade of lipstick is applied more sparingly, chances of lipstick bleed are greatly reduced.

8. General beauty

As people age their skin becomes drier and they can benefit from using moisturizer regularly. There are many lotions and creams on the market for this purpose, including jojoba oil that closely mimics the skins natural oils. Women in their forties need to remember to use sunblock too, rather than imagining it is too late to do any good.

Mature women often suffer from calluses and corns on their feet that can be uncomfortable and unattractive. Having a regular pedicure can help relieve this problem and leave feet looking and feeling fresh and pretty. Likewise, a woman’s smile can be adversely affected if her teeth are not in good condition. Having regular dental check-ups can make sure problems are addressed.

Eyebrows that are overplucked can pile years onto the appearance of a mature woman. Gently plucking them into shape will help widen a woman’s eye area rather than making her look older than she is.

There are a variety of ways women in their forties can adapt to aging and develop a great beauty routine that helps them shine. By taking into account changes in their body, skin and hair, as well as living a healthy lifestyle, woman can look great.