Caring for Wavy and Curly Hair

 Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Curly hair is notoriously hard to manage. Such hair type is prone to frizz, dryness and damage. It takes a combination of the right technique and hair products to achieve the perfect curl! In today’s post, we are listing down practical care tips for curly and wavy hair:

Avoid Heating Tools

It can be quite tempting to tame the frizz using various heating tools but don’t. These styling tools will only fry your tresses, leaving your hair dry, brittle and prone to damage. Instead of using heating tools, invest on using the right styling products. Generally, people with wavy or curly hair should use mousse, gels or serum-based hair products. These styling products do not weigh the hair down nor cause damage to the hair strands.

Do not Wash Your Hair Daily

Daily washing will only strip the hair of its natural oils. Over-washing could turn the hair brittle, dry and a frizzy mess! Instead of washing daily, consider washing your hair two to four times per week. In between washes, apply conditioner to leave the hair extra soft and manageable.

Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning is paramount if you have curly hair prone to dryness. You want to deep condition your tresses once every week to restore shine and suppleness. You can also apply regular conditioner every other day.

When applying the conditioner, do not apply on the scalp. Conditioners are harder to rinse than shampoo so it will leave a greasy residue on the scalp. You want to apply the conditioner to the lengths of the hair, about an inch down the roots. We highly suggest applying the conditioner when the hair is dry, not damp. This way, the hair strands will absorb all the nutrients like a sponge. Wait about 1 to 3 minutes before rinsing the conditioner with tepid water. Use a wide-toothed comb to banish tangles.

Using the Right Hair Products

Finding the best hair products for you will depend on your hair issues. For example, if your curly hair is prone to frizz, then go for anti-frizz products in a lightweight formula meant specifically for curly hair. If your hair is coarse and is prone to damage, go for moisturizing formulas that do not leave a heavy residue on your hair. Do note that hair care products do not have to be expensive to work. In fact, some of the best products for curly hair are sold in drugstores.

Avoid Too Much Product

Don’t be too overzealous in terms of layering hair care and styling products on your hair. Loading up on hair products could weigh the hair down and leave a greasy residue. Worse, some hair products do not play well with others, making your hair vulnerable to damage, frizz, and grease!

Ideally, you want to use about two to four hair products at once. As you layer each product, give each one, at least five minutes to set. To stop the curls from becoming too flat, try scrunching the hair to emphasize the curls. Always use hydrating products that are meant specifically for curly hair.