Do Women Like Beards? – An Analysis With Common Misapplied Information

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Beards; whether you love them or hate them, it has been gaining popularity among many men these days. However the question remains, do women really like beards? The answer is written below.

Most women like their men with beards but not all of them do. The popularity of these beards maybe more than just a fad but according to new studies, women find facial hair attractive when it’s rare. According to research the attractiveness of a man can also be based on the frequency of beards.

People in general associate beards with a man’s age, dominance and masculinity. In the 1800s the sideburns became popular but during the late 1800ss sideburns with moustaches gained popularity. By 1892 beards without sideburns became a fad while the popularity of moustaches alone gained its popularity in 1917 until 1919.

In another study, it has been found that men who have light stubble to heavy stubble are often found attractive by many women. This gives the man a more masculine look compared to a clean shaven face. In some cases full beards are also accepted by some women but not all. This is also because they think it takes full room of a man’s face. Some even consider full beards as ‘dirty looking’ while others don’t mind.

There are also reasons as to why women like beards. For them, there’s something sexy and mysterious about mean that can rock a full beard. Some women feel like if a man has beard, he really “looks like a man” and to them this is attractive. They don’t have stay in front of the mirror for long since they know that whatever look they are in, they totally got it. There’s a sense of confidence in a man with beard.

To some women, a man with beard looks more like an alpha male compared to those who are clean shave. To them, a beard signifies manhood. It gives them that “authority” to handle a woman, if you know what I mean.

Another reason why women love beards in a man is because they know how to experiment with different looks and can still come back with a good reason to look good with beard on. Some women find mean with beards mature-looking and with that, respect is earned. Besides, when you look mature, it can do wonders to many women.

And so the question goes, do women really like bearded men? It’s a combination of yes and no; why you ask? This is because each woman has their own preferences. Some prefer their man scruffy looking, with long full beards while there are those who enjoy a man with a clean shaven face that they can actually touch. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with liking men with or without beards and if you are in a relationship just for the beard then you might as well check your priorities. Beards come and go but if you truly love the person you are with, bearded or not, you will definitely find them attractive in your eyes, don’t you agree?