Easy Fixes For Splitting or Cracking Toenails

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Splitting or cracking toenails is a common problem and it can happen at any age. The nail is made from a tough compound called keratin. When the nails are exposed to a certain environment, the keratin in nails breaks down. This causes splitting or cracking.

Causes and Treatment For Splitting or Cracked Toenails

The toenails, in particular, goes through various traumas every day. We run, walk and bump into things, causing broken or split nails. Below are the most common causes of nail splitting or breaking:

Excessive Moisture

Are your feet constantly exposed to wet environments? This could cause nail splitting. Keratin weakens when exposed to moisture. Those working in wet environments are vulnerable to nail breakage. If your feet are always exposed to moisture, make sure you dry them off before putting on your shoes. Wear the appropriate gears to protect your toenails from excessive moisture.

Too Little Moisture

Too-dry nails are prone to breaking as well. When the keratin dries out, it becomes thinner, more brittle. This causes cracking or splitting when you engage in normal activities. In some cases, severely dried out nails result in painful cracking that requires medical attention. Moisture keeps the nails strong and flexible.

Restore your nails’ health and luster by using oils and thicker balms. They help lock in moisture and strengthen the nails. For severely dried out toenails, we recommend slathering oil on your feet at night. Wear socks to keep the oil in as you sleep. By morning, you will wake up to hydrated heels and nails!

Poor Diet

Poor diet is the most common cause of discolored, brittle or dry toenails. When you don’t enough nutrients from the food you eat, your nails dry out and weakens. People who are iron deficient are prone to nail problems. Eating junk food and unhealthy snacks could also cause nail brittleness. A healthy diet is a must to maintain the nails. Replace unhealthy snacks with the wholesome, healthy foods to keep the nails nice and strong.

Start by loading up on fresh fruits and vegetables. Choose food with high mineral and water content. Ideally, go for food that contain a higher dose of biotin. Biotin is a compound that repairs and restore dry, brittle nails. Of course, if you’re iron-deficient, eat food rich in iron. If you can’t meet your daily recommended allowance of iron, take supplements instead.


From ill-fitting shoes to stubbing the toe, the feet is always exposed to trauma. All these could cause damage to the toes and the toenails. Activities like any sort of sports cause severe trauma on the toenails. Maintaining your toenails does a lot good.

Keep a nail kit handy before engaging in any strenuous activities. Trim your nails to prevent hang nails or nail injury. Wear the right gear to keep the feet protected. If your nails split on the sides, resist the temptation to rip it out. It may cause bleeding. Instead, get a nail cutter and remove the split nail. You can also use a nail nipper to trim the sides of the toenail.