5 Tattoo Locations Young Women Should Avoid

Photo by: Flickr
Photo by: Flickr

2. On or Above the Breasts

As ladies age, breast tissue will naturally stretch and elongate. This is especially true for women who become pregnant and breastfeed. Tattoos placed anywhere between the collarbones and the lower curvatures of the breasts can be pulled and misshapen by weight gain and the natural changes of time. Additionally, tattoos placed in this area can be very hard to cover and may limit your future wardrobe choices should you choose not to show off your artwork in a professional setting. Finally, any woman who needs a mastectomy, breast reconstruction, or a breast reduction later in life will end up with an unattractive tattoo.

This entire area is simply not a good placement for ink and should be avoided. The only possible exceptions to this stipulation are women who are quite small-breasted with a small frame. However, be aware that small breasts can grow later in life. If you come from a line of tiny, small-breasted women who do not tend to gain weight, you may consider the risks acceptable if you’re sure you will never want breast implants. Otherwise, you should absolutely choose another location for your ink.

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