Homemade Treatment for Hair Loss

Photo by: Flickr
Photo by: Flickr

Hair loss can occur because of genetic factors, ill health, stress and poor treatment of hair. The main reason people look for homemade treatments that will help with hair regrowth however, is that they consider their hair loss to be a potentially permanent condition that cannot be fixed by eating a healthy diet, stopping using heated hair appliances or meditating each day. By the time they look for remedies they can make and apply at home, they have accepted their hair is not going to grow back on its own, and may see a homemade remedy as an alternative to wearing a wig or being bald.

There have been various remedies to aid with hair growth throughout the ages and most of them have not worked. Some still exist today on the Internet and may misguide people by giving them false hope. This article however, concentrates on homemade hair loss treatments for which evidence has been obtained to show they could actually work.

Onion juice

Surprisingly, the humble onion may be of help if you want your hair to grow back. The Journal of Dermatology reported that eighty-six percent of subjects suffering from alopecia who were treated with onion juice experienced some hair regrowth compared to a placebo group, who just had water rubbed on their heads. How much hair regrowth was experienced is not mentioned, but the remedy does sound like it is worth a try for people with hair loss who do not mind smelling like onions.

Essential oils

A far sweeter smelling homemade remedy involves rubbing a mixture of jojoba oil, rosemary, lavender, cedarwood, thyme and grapeseed oil on the scalp every day for seven months. The study that gleaned this result took place in Scotland in Aberdeen’s Royal Infirmary. Forty-four percent of patients who used the essential oils mixed with the carrier oils mentioned, showed signs of their hair growing back. Interestingly, fifteen percent of the people in the control group, who only had carrier oils applied to their scalp, also showed improvement.

There are other homemade remedies however, as there have not been studies to prove they work, or successful results have not been obtained, following them may lead to disappointment. If you are worried that you are losing hair and want to know other methods of dealing with the problem, visit your doctor who can refer you to a specialist for advice. You may also like to try the homemade remedies above, which will leave you smelling interesting if nothing else.