How to Choose the Right Eyeshadow for Your Eye Color

Photo by: Flickr
Photo by: Flickr

Choosing the right eyeshadow to suit your eye color may seem difficult at first. After all, cosmetic shelves in stores are filled with a large color palette. Which eyeshadow colors suit you the best however, depends upon how they interact with the color and hue of your eyes.

If you inspect a color wheel, you will notice that primary colors are laid out in a particular order. Colors that harmonize with each other are represented side by side, and those that are attractive, although quite different, can be seen opposite each other on the wheel.

Colors that go well together when applied to furnishings and household decoration are generally different from those that look good as eyeshadow to go with eye color. Note where your eye color is on the wheel and the colors that surround it. The ones next to it probably clash and look stark and harsh, where as those directly across from it look great, hence brown goes well with green.

Now you have a good idea about the primary colors that will look great as eyeshadow to bring out the best in your eye color, you can begin to learn about the different shades, tints and tones available. Shades are primary colors that are darkened down, while tints tend to be pastels, as they are primary colors lightened with white. Tones are more sophisticated colors that have both light and dark added to them. Which you choose will depend on the look you are aiming for and your eye color.

If your eyes have an intense hue, as they are saturated with color, they will look overly made-up when primary colors or tints are applied in the form of eyeshadow. However, they will look fabulous if tones or shades of the right colors are chosen.

Perhaps your eye color is not so strong or noticeable. This means that you can use eyeshadow colors such as pastel tints and more dramatic colors to help make your eyes appear more remarkable. Pastels will be right for a natural look, where as vivid primary colors will be great if you are to be photographed, or attend a party or an evening event.

By observing a color wheel, and beginning to understand how colors are made and how they react with each other, you will soon know which eyeshadow colors suit the color of your eyes, and you will not need to seek advice about the subject ever again, as you will have become an expert.