How to Fix Orange Hair

 Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Photo by: Bigstockphoto

These days almost everyone I know (including myself) has learned the art of applying hair dye on their own hair. Some turn out fantastic while there are hair dyes that spell catastrophe! Have you ever found yourself aiming for that Ariel (the Disney princess) red hair but end up having Tigger’s color on your head instead? If you do then you know that you need to fix that orange-y color and you have to do it fast! So how can you fix your orange hair? Here are simple yet awesome tips that you can follow.

Having brassy orange or ugly orange hair is a usual problem to those who are attempting to bleach their hair or dye it red. While the solution feels like you need to bleach or dye it again, this can cause great damage to your hair. So in order to remove this problem, you need to neutralize your hair’s color. This way you can avoid causing more damage to your hair all over again. To do this, you need to remember these things:

First of all buy a blue hair toner and a developer that is about 20%. Make sure to purchase a blue hair toner and not blue dye if you don’t want to end up looking like a Smurf on a bad hair day. Once you have your blue hair toner, mix it with the developer in a small bowl or a bottle applicator. Make sure to mix them well and mix enough to completely cover your entire hair. Think of it as dyeing your hair all over again.

Once you have it all mixed in, apply the toner to your hair starting at the roots. You can use a tint brush or if you are using a bottle applicator, make sure to apply evenly and that your hair is receiving enough amount of toner. Keep applying until all of your hair is covered. Let the toner set in for five minutes after you have finished applying.

To check if the orange hair color is still there, wipe the toner mixture off a small section of your hair. Dry this area and check for the color. It usually appears darker because your hair is wet so make sure to shine a bright light directly on your hair to see if the orange shade is gone. If it is still there, reapply the toner and set it again for another five minutes. Check your hair again and continue if it doesn’t work out the second time. However make sure not to leave the toner for more than 30 minutes.

Once you can see the color that you like, rinse your hair in running water. Make sure to remove all the toner. Apply hair conditioner and rinse properly. You can choose to not to apply hair conditioner if you don’t want to but it might be difficult to comb your hair if it’s all tangled and sticky because of the chemicals that you just applied.

So there you go, the easiest way to fix your orange hair! If you don’t want this to happen again then have the professionals do it for you. Doing so will prevent any further damage to your hair. I hope this article helped!