How to Fix Scratches in Your Eyeglasses

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Are you using eyeglasses? If so then you probably know that the most annoying part of wearing them is when they get scratches. That’s right! Scratches on your eyeglasses can be annoying especially when you just got them made. It is even more irritating when it’s a pricey kind. But getting your eyeglasses scratches cannot be avoided. Sometime we absent-mindedly mishandle them and so they end up getting those horrid marks. However, you can always do something about it and in this article; we will teach you just that.

If you are often busy, taking care of your eyeglasses is not the first thing you have in mind. Often times our eyeglasses take plenty of abuse and even with a scratch-resisting coating on them, accidents still happen and with that come plenty of scratches. However with the help of some household supplies, you can definitely get rid of these marks. All you have to do is follow these instructions.

Use non-gel toothpaste

First of all find non-gel toothpaste and dab a small amount on your eyeglasses. With the use of cotton swabs, rub the toothpaste into the scratch via circular motion. Leave the toothpaste for about 10 seconds. After that rinse your eyeglasses with lukewarm water and with the use of a lint-free towel, remove the excess toothpaste. If there are still scratches, try the procedure again.

Use baking soda

In a small cup, add a pinch of baking soda and a few drops of baking powder. Mix them together until the texture becomes pasty. With a lint-free cloth, apply the paste on your scratched eyeglasses. Rub it in circular motion until the scratch is no longer visible. Repeat if needed, rinse and wipe it dry.

Use brass and silver polish or vehicle wax

Dab a small amount of the brass or silver polish into the scratched lens. Do the same if you are using vehicle wax. Buff the lens and leave it on for five minutes or so. Use cloth or tissue to wipe off excess polish or wax. They don’t necessarily remove the scratch but they help fill in the scratches so it won’t be visible.

Use glass-etching products

Apply the solution on the scratched lens and let it set in for about five minutes. Don’t rub the product. Rinse it off and then wipe off the lens with soft cloth. However, use these on plastic lenses only as they will only damage glass lenses if applied.

All of these are helpful in removing scratches on your eyeglasses but if you don’t want to risk it then you can always go to a repair shop for eyeglasses. They can help remove these scratches without the risk of doing damage to your lenses. See also if there are any warrantees on the eyeglasses you had made, they usually provide services in cases like this. However if the scratches on your eyeglasses is beyond repair then ask your eye doctor for other options other than using eyeglasses. If you are up for contact lenses then you might as well consider that. This way you don’t have to worry about those scratches any longer! Good luck!