How to Look Flawless in Pictures

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

For the lucky few, posing on cam is like second nature. Models, internet-famous personalities, and fashionistas have a knack for looking great in pictures. But for average folks, results aren’t always pretty. So what do you do? How can you look gorgeous in pictures without slapping on thick makeup and hiring a professional photographer? In today’s post, we are listing down tips to help you look flawless in pictures:

Use the Light

When it comes to photography, perfect lighting can make or break an image. Regardless if you are using a professional camera, a point-and-shoot camera or a mobile phone camera, you have to consider the kind of lighting you are getting before snapping away. As the day progresses, you get different types of light. Not all types of lighting yield excellent results.

We recommend snapping a picture in natural light. Natural light gives the skin a soft, diffused appearance. Harsh lighting could wash you out, create unflattering shadows, or make your features look extra severe.

Shooting just before the sun sets is best especially if you are focusing on the face. Called the “Magic Hour” light, shooting before sunset gives the skin a soft, ethereal glow that you simply cannot fake with artificial light.

Work Your Angle!

You simply cannot look at the camera dead in the eye and snap away, unless you’re going for a certain look. You have to know how to work your angles to highlight your best feature. For instance, keep your neck extended while posing so you do not get a double chin.

Point the camera at eye level or slightly above in case the extended neck does not work. Do not go for the under chin shot, no matter how hard the photographer is trying to sell it! When you look downwards, the skin under the skin will fold even if you do not have a double chin.

If you want to highlight your cheekbones, pout the lips a little but do not pucker all the way for a duck face. Pouting the lips a little to give the appearance of sharper cheekbones.


Tyra was right; you have to smile with your eyes to achieve an Instagram-worthy selfie! Smiling with your eyes highlight the peepers while evoking a light, carefree vibe. Smizing gives the eyes a playful glint, which looks so good in pictures. If you are struggling to smize, try to visualize good thoughts as you are snapping away. Open the eyes ever so slightly to get that gorgeous glint!

Hide Not-So-Great Features

If you are self-conscious about certain features, you can manipulate the angle so these features are not emphasized in the photos. For instance, to hide a serious case of breakouts, snap in natural light during midday. The natural light will soften the skin and make acne less noticeable. If you are self-conscious about your ears, pull the camera back or use a wider-angle lens to de-emphasize the ears.

Go Natural

If you are taking a selfie or a self-portrait, make sure you don’t use the flash. Instead, keep the light natural and diffused. The flash emphasizes the features and creates unflattering shadows. And just to make your photo shoot a success, have fun, experiment with different lighting, and find the best angles!