How to Look Good Wearing Brown Lipstick

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Everything old is new again, including 90s brown lipstick! From peachy browns to vampy deep chocolate brown, we’ve seen reiterations of the classic brown lipstick on and off the red carpet! Of course, brown lipstick is quite tricky to pull off. If you wore the wrong color, it can make your look severe! To help you look so fetch in brown, we are sharing simple tricks to look good with a brown pout:

Play with Color and Textures

There are many ways to wear brown lipstick. You can wear matte dark brown, which is so on trend right now or subtle with a peachy brown lippie topped with a lip gloss.  If you are not brave enough to embrace the edgy deep brown trend, try smudging the lip color on your lips for a light wash of color. You can wear your brown lipstick as a lip stain or mixed with pinks to make it wearable!

The key is to have fun with the color, play with different textures and find which finishes suit your mood. Don’t be afraid to experiment and create different looks.

Use a Lip Liner and a Lip Brush

If you are wearing a vampy deep brown, we recommend using a lip liner that belongs in the same color family as your lip color to create clean, crisp lines. Wearing a lip liner helps boost the staying power of your lipstick. It also makes application a breeze because the liner fills up the edges of the lips, minimizing bleeding or feathering.

After filling your lips with liner, apply the lip color using a brush. Using a lip brush allows you to control the opacity of the lip color. It also gives you more control as you deposit the color to your lips so you don’t go over your preferred lip line.

Go Bare Face

It is quite tempting to don a whole face when you are wearing such an edgy lip color but we recommend easing up on face color to complement your brown lip. Brown is a neutral that complements other hues but as a lip color, it looks best with subtle face makeup. This goes especially if you are wearing deeper shades of brown. Wearing vampy hues look ten times better when your face makeup is subtle because it makes the deep color pop!

To keep the lip as the focal point, do not layer too many colors on the eyes and the cheeks. Just perfect your base, add a few coats of mascara, bring on the brown lippie and your look is done a la Cindy Crawford!


Flaky, dry lips are never a good look. If you are wearing medium to dark brown lipstick, prepping the lips is crucial. You want to exfoliate your lips very well to eliminate flakes. You can use a clean toothbrush or a lip scrub to slough off dead skin cells. Exfoliating also plumps up the lips temporarily!

Go for Gloss

Brown lip gloss can be worn alone as a subtle lip color or on top of your favorite lip color for added impact! The shine from a lip gloss also gives the illusion of plumper lips, perfect for those with very thin kissers! If you want to sport a demure brown lip gloss, we recommend outlining your lips with a light brown lip liner before applying the lip gloss to avoid smearing or bleeding.