How to Prevent Acne Flare Up on Oily Skin

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Acne and excess sebum go hand in hand. That’s why people with oily skin are more likely to deal with frequent acne flare-ups than those with dry or combination skin. You see, when the excess sebum clogs the pores, it leads to bacterial growth. The combination of bacteria, hardened sebum, and dead skin cells cause an acne breakout. If you are dealing with bad skin due to overproduction of sebum, keep these smart skin care tips in mind:

Do not Over-Cleanse

You might be tempted to wash your face several times in a day to eliminate excess oil but don’t. The reason why skin produces excess oil is to compensate for dryness. Washing the face several times in a day strips the skin of moisture, leading to acne breakout.

To minimize acne breakout on oily skin, limit face washing to just twice daily. The trick is to not wash your face in the morning unless you are taking a bath so you don’t wash your face twice in a single morning (immediately after waking up and during bath time). At night, wash your face as the first step in your nightly skin care routine, no exceptions!

Don’t Skip the Astringent

An astringent is a face toner that helps control oil. Astringents are made specifically for oily skin so do skip the toner during your morning and nightly skin care routine! Some astringents are formulated with fruit acids or salicylic acid to slough off dead skin cells, remove excess oil, unclog the pores, and minimize acne breakout.

With a pad of cotton, apply astringent evenly all over the face and neck. Do this after washing the face. If you have very sensitive skin, we recommend using witch hazel astringent. Witch hazel helps soothe inflammation, melt sebum, and control oil without harsh ingredients.

Use Oil-Free, Water-Based Skin Care Products

Again, excess sebum is caused by skin dryness so make sure you use non-drying skin care products that go mild on the skin. We recommend using oil-free and water-based products. These skin care products do not contain petroleum oil that could worsen acne. Water based products are hydrating, nourishing, and mild! Apart from using oil-free, water-based skin care products, use oil-free, water-based makeup and sunscreen too!

Avoid Over-Exfoliation

It is so tempting to exfoliate the skin every other day, especially if you are trying to fade acne marks but don’t. Over exfoliation will only trigger yet another bout of acne attack! Scrubbing the skin raw will cause skin dryness. Again, this will trigger the skin to produce more oil to overcompensate for the dryness. The excess oil coupled by dirt and grime leads to bad skin!

If you have sensitive skin, limit exfoliation to once a week using a non-abrasive face scrub. Even better, use a cleanser with mild acids that melt dead skin cells without the abrasive scrubbing! If you have normal skin, exfoliate twice per week using a mild, non-abrasive face scrub. Finally, avoid face scrubs with plastic beads. These products pollute the rivers, kill marine life, and cause agricultural problems. Stick to exfoliating products made with natural scrubbers (crushed shells, seeds, etc.) or those formulated with fruit acids.

Targeted Treatment

If you have dealt with teen acne or is suffering from adult acne, use targeted products. Regular pimple treatments do not work as effectively as acne treatments. Our advice is to consult a dermatologist. From there, your doctor will develop the right plan to help you deal with acne. A specialist will also present the right products to use.