Innovative Korean Beauty Products that Transformed the Western Cosmetics Industry

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Korean women are known for their smooth, almost translucent skin. Apart from a lengthy skin care ritual, Korean women have access to the best skin care products in the world. This is why the Korean beauty trend is here to stay. Just like Japanese skin care products, Korean beauty products are developed using cutting edge technology. These products are potent, innovative and are proven to work.

But with dozens of innovative products to choose from, which Korean beauty products should you try first? In today’s post, we are listing down some of the most amazing Korean beauty products to get:

Sleeping Mask

An average Korean woman sticks to a ten-step skin care regimen every night. One of the last steps in a Korean woman’s nighttime skin care regimen is the application of a sleep mask. A sleep mask is a viscous, nutrient-rich cooling gel that “seals” all the products applied on the face. The product literally forms a protective barrier to keep all your skin care products intact. This way, the skin is saturated with all the skin-boosting benefits of your nighttime moisturizer, serum, and essence while you sleep. And when you wake up, you can simply wash the sleeping mask off to reveal glowing skin!

BB Cream

German dermatologist Christine Schrammek developed the blemish balm or BB cream to protect her patients’ post-surgery skin. Korean dermatologists based their own formulation with Dr. Schrammek, creating a hybrid product that perfects the skin while promoting repair.

Unlike your ordinary foundation, a BB cream only comes in two to three hues. The product is designed to oxidize to adapt to the skin. A BB cream does not provide opaque coverage but it can brighten the complexion and conceal minor marks. Over time, using BB cream helps keep the skin hydrated and smooth. This product also improves the skin tone and transforms dull, dry skin.

Face Masks

Facemasks may be old news but in Korea, these masks took on cult status. A visit at a local beauty store will give you virtually thousands of facemasks options. These masks are applied as a skin treatment. Each mask is drenched with skin-boosting essence. Of the thousands of face masks available in Korea, the most popular are the SK-II face masks. Each mask is fermented with white ginseng for two weeks. At $120 a pop, the bamboo-silk mask promises to saturate the skin with concentrated botanicals, brighten the complexion and restore glow.

Cushion Foundation

Cushion BB creams combine two of Korea’s most innovative beauty products: BB cream and cushion compact. The cushion BB creams are a favorite in Korea and almost all women (and some men) have one in their purse. The product provides a quick, convenient way to freshen up the skin any time of the day. The BB cream offers light to moderate coverage.

The product comes in a tightly sealed compact with a sponge soaked in BB cream. A special application is provided to push the product from the sponge. Just pat the lightweight BB cream on the face to create a smooth canvas. Let the BB cream set and continue with your usual makeup routine.

Snail Face Gel

The snail face gel is made from the sticky goo that snails leave behind as they slither away. This goo helps the critter heal from scratches as it slithers into rough terrain. Of course, the harvested goo is processed so it is sterile and concentrated. The snail face gel promises to boost the cell regeneration process, promote faster healing, and soften the skin.