Six Tips for Healthy Skin

Photo by: Flickr
Photo by: Flickr

6. Maintain Cleanliness

It is important to maintain cleanliness if your goal is good-looking skin. A person’s face is especially sensitive to build-ups of dirt or sweat, and this can cause dryness or breakouts. Something as simple as washing your face once or twice each day with a moisturizing soap and water can significantly reduce the likelihood of acne or greasy-looking skin. Many dermatologists recommend trying soaps without a fragrance, since the perfumes in some products can irritate skin. In addition, it is generally better to wash with warm water, as water that is too hot has been shown to cause dryness and itchiness.

Being smart about skincare is a simple and effective way to make sure you are always looking your best. With minimal effort and some basic changes to diet and lifestyle, anyone can keep their skin looking soft, healthy, and vibrant without spending a fortune of high-end creams and cleansers.

Here’s the Magic Word, and Your New Best Friend: ‘Exfoliation’.

Exfoliation is the simple act of gently removing dull, loose or dead skin cells, either physically, chemically, or both. This simple act can help keep skin healthy by keeping pores clear, and clean. Exfoliation can keep skin looking great, by removing the dull build-up that often occurs over time.
A soft scrubbing sponge or loofah can help to reveal wonderfully sparkling new skin, with daily use.