The Benefits of Botox Injection

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Botox is a type of neurotoxin protein produced by bacteria called Clostridium Botulinum. When the neurotoxic protein is isolated and processed, it is used as a non-invasive treatment for wrinkles and premature aging.

A Botox shot works by injecting the protein directly under the skin. The compound paralyzes the muscles underneath the skin temporarily. And when it does, the skin takes on a smoother, youthful appearance. Because it paralyzes the muscles, Botox can be used as a treatment for overactive muscle spasms. Studies show that Botox is a safe and effective treatment for saggy and wrinkly skin. And if you are wondering what other benefits you get from a shot of Botox, then continue reading below:

Non-Invasive Treatment

Before Botox, aging patients go through great lengths to achieve a youthful appearance. And most of these treatments are invasive and painful! But these days, all you need is a shot of Botox to smooth out wrinkles and restore the youthfulness of the skin. The neurotoxic protein helps ease muscle spasms, particularly overactive eye spasms. Botox can reduce the deepness of crow’s feet and eliminate superficial wrinkles on various parts of the face. The results may be temporary, but Botox has virtually no side effects.

May Reduce Migraines

Are you prone to migraines? Studies show that Botox can help ease various types of headaches including pesky migraines. It is not known how Botox help ease migraine pain. But health experts believe that the drug blocks the sensory nerve that transmit pain to the brain. Botox also relaxes the muscles and reduce the nerves’ sensitivity to pain.

Of course, Botox used as migraine treatment does have its drawbacks. The eyebrows could droop temporarily because of the drug’s muscle relaxant. This can be avoided by changing the site of injection. Slight bruising, minor pain, and burning sensation are also side effects of Botox as a migraine treatment. People who received Botox shots to treat migraine report a drop of pain intensity by up to 50%. The patients also experienced less intense pain during a migraine attack.

Minimize Arthritic Pain

Apart from easing migraine pains, Botox shots could also reduce arthritic pain. In fact, initial studies show that patients who got Botox treatment saw a significant improvement in joint mobility after bouts of arthritic pains. And the benefits of a single Botox shot could last up to 12 months! However, health experts say that more research is needed to determine the effectiveness of the drug as a treatment for arthritis. Large scale and controlled studies are also needed to determine if Botox is indeed a great alternative treatment for arthritis.

Reduce Uncontrolled Sweating

Some people suffer from a rare case of excessive sweating. This is not exactly a health problem but for those who always sweat profusely, the problem is a source of embarrassment. Instead of dealing with profuse sweating every day, doctors recommend Botox injection directly on the sweat glands. The drug inhibits the production of sweat, reducing perspiration significantly. Usually, the drug is administered on the armpits or any site that produce a lot of sweat.

Anti-Aging Treatment

Botox is meant to fight deep and superficial wrinkles alike. Just a shot is enough to smooth out lines on the forehead, mouth, and near the eyes. The effect could last for three to twelve months.