The Best Makeup Tricks for a Perfect Pout

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

There is more to achieving a perfect set of kissers than just slapping on a lipstick. To achieve the perfect pout, we’ve listed down some of the best makeup tricks straight from the pros:

Prep Your Lips!

Flaky lips are not a good look especially if you are wearing unforgiving lipstick formulas like matte. To achieve the perfect pout, you have to prep those kissers beforehand. The night before, give your lips a good scrub down using a clean toothbrush. Just dampen the toothbrush and with gentle, circular strokes, scrub your lips for a minute. Follow up with a hydrating lip balm and you’ll wake up to petal soft puckers. You can also exfoliate your lips using a DIY or store-bought lip scrub. You can make your own lip scrub by combining a little coconut oil with sugar. Dab a small amount of lip scrub and scrub away!

Use a Lipliner

Most beauties relegate lipliner as optional but it is essential if you want to achieve very crisp lines around the lip line or vermillion. It could also boost the staying power of your lip color. To achieve the perfect pout, line the entire lips with a lipliner and then use it as a base lip color too. Then, apply your lipstick carefully, making sure that the color does not go over the lined area of the lips. Blot the lips and re-apply the lip color for better-staying power.

Apply a Concealer on Pigmented Lips

If you have very pigmented lips, it is very hard to get a true-to-color hue from any lipstick. Light colored lipsticks do not show well on pigmented lips while stronger hues are altered when applied on the lips. To achieve true-to-color hues on pigmented lips, you need to neutralize your natural lip color first prior to lip color application. You can do that by applying a layer of concealer on the lips before the lipstick.

To prep the lips, apply a thin layer of your favorite concealer. The concealer will neutralize your natural lip color, allowing the lipstick to show its true color. Let the concealer set for a minute before applying the lip color.

Perfect Application

Regardless if you use a lip brush or apply lipstick straight from the bullet, the application is a critical part of achieving a perfect pout. When applying a lip color, always start from the middle of the lips, gradually applying the color towards the edges of the lips. This way, the pigment never goes over your natural lip line, giving you clown lips. To get a better view of the lip edges, open your lips in an “O.” Make sure the pigment is applied evenly to the edges for best results.

To Achieve Full Lips

If you have very thin lips there are several ways to achieve fuller-looking kissers. One is to use a lip liner to line slightly over the vermillion rather than the actual edges of the lips. Finish up by applying your favorite lipstick and you are done. This trick is very popular among celebrities!

Another trick to make the lips pop is to apply a dab of highlighter on the cupid’s bow. This finishing touch gives the illusion of fuller, luscious looking lips! If you don’t have a highlighter, you can always use a shimmery silvery eyeshadow to highlight the lips.