The Pros and Cons of Hair Coloring

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

A dye job is a fast, fun way to refresh one’s look. And with the extensiveness of colors to choose from, the possibilities are virtually limitless! Of course, hair coloring has its advantages and disadvantages. To help you make the right decision, we are listing down the pros and cons of hair coloring:

Advantages of Hair Coloring

A Break from the Usual Hair Color

A dye job adds more dimension to the hair. You can get highlights, lowlights, on top of the main hair color to give your tresses depth. Trendy new hair color treatments are used to “contour” the face and hair too! A dye job offers a break from your usual hair color, brightening up the face, and giving you fast results.

Refreshed Look

Coloring the hair is a quick and easy way to mix up your usual look! And the results can be very dramatic if you are switching from light to dark and vice versa! Color treatments do more than just change your hair color temporarily. They can also match your mood, enhance your appearance, and bring out your facial features!

Customized Shades

Want to stand out from the usual dye job? How about mixing different hair dyes together to create a customized hair color? You can try different hair colors and tweak them accordingly to match your mood. Even better, you can let a professional hairstylist do all the mixing for you to achieve a flattering color.

Disadvantages of Hair Coloring

High Maintenance

To keep your dye job vibrant and looking new, you have to ramp up your usual hair care routine. For one thing, you cannot use regular shampoos and conditioners to wash color-treated hair. These products contain chemicals that will fade the dye job faster. You need to replace your regular hair products with those formulated specifically for color-treated hair. If you went very light, you need to use violet-colored hair care products to maintain the brightness of the hair color.

Damaged Tresses

Although some hair coloring products are milder than others, all of these products will cause hair damage at some point. And that’s normal. To address the issue, you need to improve your hair care routine to reduce damage, minimize brittleness, and restore shine. You can do that by using hydrating conditioners and regular protein treatments made specifically for color treated hair. These products will restore shine and health to color-treated hair.

Hair Thinning

Ever wonder why freshly colored hair feels thinner, frailer than natural hair? The chemicals in the hair dye weigh the hair down, causing limp hair! To restore volume, try applying volumizing hair products like a hair mousse. You can also apply nourishing oils like Argan or virgin coconut oil to hydrate the tresses and boost strength.

The Commitment

If you want to retain your new color, you would have to keep a monthly appointment at the salon so your roots won’t show. And if you went raven tresses to platinum blond, you’ll find that being a blond is a full-time job. If you are not committed to maintaining your hair color, we recommend getting highlights or choose a color close to your natural hair color.