The Surprising Health and Beauty Benefits of Naka Collagen Plus

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Naka Collagen Plus is a brand of dietary supplements made from hydrolyzed collagen. This product is designed to keep the bones and joints healthy by replenishing the body’s collagen level.  As we age, the production of collagen starts to slow down. The lack of collagen causes cartilage and connective tissues to thin out from constant pressure. When the cartilage and the connective tissues become too thin, the joints that connect to the bones grind into each other. The constant friction leads to joint and bone problems.

Naka Collagen Plus works by keeping the cartilage and connective tissues thick and healthy. When the cartilage and connective tissues are healthy, the friction between the joints is reduced significantly. Apart from keeping the bones and joints healthy, Naka Collagen Plus also provides the following benefits:

Boosts Digestion

Did you know that collagen plays a critical role in digestion? Collagen aids in digestion by repairing the mucous lining of the gastrointestinal tract. It protects from common gastrointestinal disorders like dyspepsia, indigestion, excess gas, and stomach ulcer.

In addition, collagen breaks down the proteins and fats from the food you eat. And when it does, the digested food becomes easier to convert to energy. Taking Naka Collagen Plus daily helps keep the gut healthy.

Anti-Aging Effects

We all know that collagen is instrumental to keeping the skin smooth, supple, and younger-looking but how? The body produces collagen and elastin to keep the skin’s connective tissues strong. This translates to plump, youthful skin.

Collagen is comprised of amino acids glycine, proline, alanine and hydroxyproline. These amino acids reduce the signs of aging and improve the skin’s moisture level. Glycine, proline, alanine and hydroxyproline also refine the skin texture. But as the level of collagen drops, the skin becomes saggy and prone to wrinkles. Once the body no longer produces enough collagen, the skin becomes drier, aged, and rough. Taking Naka Collagen Plus ensures the optimum level of collagen to keep the skin youthful looking.

Promotes Weight Loss

Here’s a surprise: Collagen promotes weight loss too! Apart from being a great source of protein, collagen contains peptides that increase satiety by up to 40%. Studies show that the satiating powers of collagen peptides lead to 20% reduction of food intake at lunchtime. This means, having enough collagen will make you less likely to snack on unhealthy foods.

Jumping your weight loss efforts is easier by taking collagen supplements like Naka Collagen Plus. This product makes you feel fuller for longer so you do not experience intense cravings or indulge in fattening foods.

Better Sleep

The glycine in collagen helps improve the quality of sleep and reduces daytime sleepiness. This amino acid keeps the neurotransmitters of the brain healthy. Multiple studies show that ample level of glycine in the body could improve memory, boost mental alertness, and contribute to a satisfying night’s sleep.

Improves Performance

When you are getting quality sleep every night, you can get that you will feel well rested in the morning. Getting enough glycine and proline every day boosts mental and physical performance. These amino acids are derived from collagen. Glycine and proline promote cell repair, reduce the risk of injuries and keeps the muscles, ligaments, and tendons healthy.