Top 5 Reasons to Use Vitamin C Serum on Your Skin

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

There are a lot of beauty products out in the market these days and Vitamin C has become a popular ingredient among skin-care products. Name it and you can have it; there are products for pimples, wrinkles and the likes all containing this vitamin. That’s also because Vitamin C helps protect the skin from the harsh effects of sunlight. Besides that, there are also a few benefits that one can gain from using Vitamin C serum skin. So what why should you use Vitamin C serum? Here are the awesome reasons why.

Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant

Using this serum can help slow the rate of free-radical damages to the skin. It doesn’t only neutralize the free radicals but they also reverse the damages in our DNA. It also strengthens the skin barrier and at the same time thickens the dermis of the skin. That is why it is easy for wounds to heal and reduce in the size of the inflammation.

It promotes collagen production

Not only does Vitamin C protects the skin but is helps in the production of the collagen. This means that it maintains the plumpness of the skin as it keeps it smooth and radiant.

Protects the skin from the harsh rays of the sun

It has been proven by studies that Vitamin C reduces the risks of getting sunburn. It also prevents the long-term effects of sun exposure that could lead to skin cancer. So if you want to enjoy the beach, make sure that you apply good amounts of topical Vitamin C. It will keep your skin healthy and at the same time safe from the harsh rays of the sunlight.

It moisturizes the skin way better

Vitamin C serum is not only great for sun protection; it is also a good way to pamper your skin. In fact, it works like a moisturizer but only greater. Since this serum is often lighter and thinner in consistency, it’s better than any moisturizer you can apply. After washing your face and before the moisturizer, apply this serum. It also penetrates deeper than moisturizers so it’s also good to the tissues of the skin.

Promotes an anti-aging effect

Although we know that there’s no cure for aging, using Vitamin C serum does help you in maintaining that rosy glow. Since it’s absorbed by the skin, it gets rid of the free-radicals that damage the skin making it dull and old. It also helps get rid of the blemishes and dark spots on your skin, making you look younger and healthy. So for a great looking skin, this is the best defense that you can use.

Now aren’t these great reasons to use Vitamin C serum? I think so too! So go ahead and indulge, after all it is a good way to take care of your skin! But in case you find yourself allergic to topical solutions, make sure to seek your dermatologist immediately. This way you can find another option other than Vitamin C serum that won’t harm your skin. For everything else, enjoy!