Topical Uses of Milk of Magnesia

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Milk of magnesia is a type of milky white liquid composed of the inorganic compound called magnesium hydroxide suspended in water. Milk of magnesia is often used to relieve an upset stomach or as a laxative but when applied topically, the stuff has many practical uses too! Got milk of magnesia at home? Below are 5 ways to use it for a variety of things other than soothing a tummy ache:

As a Deodorant

Milk of magnesia works great to prevent body odor. In fact, milk of magnesia works the same as any commercial deodorant, sometimes even better! Just wet your fingers with a little of milk of magnesia and rub it on your underarm. Wait for the liquid to dry before dressing.

Do note that milk of magnesia will not work to prevent excessive perspiration. If you want to use milk of magnesia to prevent body odor and keep your underarm dry, use it with baby powder or baking soda. The powder will absorb any wetness on the underarm area.

As a Makeup Primer

Makeup will last longer if you use a primer underneath. Milk of magnesia makes for an excellent makeup primer because it helps inhibit oil production. On a freshly cleansed face, apply a thin layer of milk of magnesia on your T-zone or any other areas of the face where you get really oily. You might want to use a damp sponge to apply the stuff to ensure an even, thin application. Wait for milk of magnesia to dry and apply your makeup as usual. Do note that you don’t need to use milk of magnesia in its full strength to prevent oil production. You can dilute the solution in water so it’s not too drying on the skin.

Treats Acne

If your skin is prone to breakouts then try applying milk of magnesia topically. The compounds in milk of magnesia help minimize redness, inflammation, and irritation. It will also reduce the size of cystic pimples. The stuff works to fade pimple scars, minimize pores, and cut the healing time in half as well. However—because milk of magnesia is a potent oil inhibitor—too much of it could cause dryness. If you have dry skin, don’t use milk of magnesia every day. Rather, use it as a mask every week. Just apply the solution on your face, leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes, and rinse with warm water.

Prevents Dandruff

You could use milk of magnesia to treat dandruff the same way as you would any other dandruff shampoo. On wet hair, massage milk of magnesia on your scalp. Leave it on for at least 5 minutes. Rinse your hair very well and then follow up with shampoo. Milk of magnesia will help soothe itchy scalp and prevent flaky skin.

Milk of magnesia can be used to treat face dandruff too. Just apply a thin layer on the face, leave it on for five minutes, and rinse well.

Treats Sunburn

Ease redness, irritation, and tenderness of sunburned skin by using milk of magnesia. Carefully apply a thick layer of milk of magnesia on sunburned skin and allow the liquid to dry for 30 to 60 minutes. Rinse well. You can also apply milk of magnesia on sunburned skin before sleeping to minimize blistering and ease pain.