Using Hair Polish to Tame Unruly, Frizzy, and Curly Hair

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Curly hair is very hard to control, especially at dry, humid climate. Apart from certain hairstyling tools and applying certain styling techniques, using a hair polish is an effective way to tame curly, frizzy hair.

A hair polish is a type of finishing serum that adds shine to the tresses, leaving it soft, shiny, and of course under control. The quick-absorbing formula keeps each strand healthy while controlling frizz. Hair polish can even eliminate fly-aways and split ends, which are two of the most common styling concerns. Even better, the serum is made from concentrated nutrients that strengthen hair such as amino acids and vitamin B5.

Benefits of Hair Polish

Brilliant Shine

Tired of dealing with dry, brittle and curly hair that is so hard to manage? A few drops of hair polish is all you need to restore shine to damaged tresses! Hair polish contains all the amazing nutrients that keep the scalp and hair healthy and shiny. The product will restore the natural luster of the hair without the greasy residue.

Control Frizz

Let’s face it, most people with curly hair tend to deal with unruly, frizzy hair! Frizz is very hard to control and often times require heat to tame the tresses. You can substitute heating tools with hair polishes. Just a few drops are enough to control hair, tame frizz, and breathe life back to lackluster hair! The serum injects a dose of nutrients deep into the layers of every hair strand leaving your hair healthy and easy to manage.

Boost Hydration

One of the most common reasons why curly hair is prone to damage is the lack of moisture. As you style your hair, the hair strands start weakening at the base, breaking from constant stress. This leads to hair breakage, split ends, and coarse hair. Applying hair polish every day or every other day gives the hair the much-needed moisture it needs to stay strong, manageable, and healthy.

Conditions the Hair

With the right hair care product, the hair becomes stronger, softer and easier to manage. You can either condition your hair on a daily basis or weekly basis. Instead of using pricey conditioners to deep condition the hair, use hair polish. Conditioners and hair polishes work the same way. These products keep the hair supple, shiny and easier to manage. The difference is the formula. Conditioners are creamier, more emollient. On the other hand, hair polish is lighter, more quick absorbing.

How to Use a Hair Polish

The proper way to apply hair polish will depend on the formula. Traditionally, hair polish comes in a clear, liquid form. Some hair polish comes in light cream form and even spray-form. Generally, you want to add the right amount of product on dry hair. Work the product into the tresses to absorb the polish. Then, style your hair accordingly and you are done!

Do not apply more polish than you need or the product will weigh the hair down. Liquid-based hair polish tends to leave a greasy residue if you put too much product.