What to Do When Your Tattoo Starts Scabbing?

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

So you finally got that tattoo! The colors are awesome and the design is great and you are absolutely in love with it. However, after getting your tattoo, healing begins and by healing, I mean scabbing. Keep in mind that tattoos are actually wounds and scabbing is just a phase that your tattoo has to go through. When scabbing occurs, you will usually have a crusty coagulation of blood or plasma developing on top of your tattoo. This is the scab that I am talking about.

When the scab on your tattoo is picked off, chances are, you might develop scars and possibly lose the color of your tattoo. Worse, scabs have the potential to ruin the tattoo in general. Now you really don’t want to see your piece of art disfigured, right? Not to mention the hundreds of dollars that you have spent and the pain you had to go through just to have that inked! So what can you do then?

Avoid picking on it

Just like any wound, a tattoo that’s healing becomes very itchy the moment it begins scabbing. There’s always that temptation to pick on the scabs but let me remind you again that your tattoo is a piece of art. Picking on it will only give you scars and worse, ruin the tattoo.

Avoid sweating or getting it wet

While the tattoo is still healing, it’s best to avoid sweating much. Try to avoid physical activities that will make you sweat a lot. Contact sports must also be avoided if you don’t want that scab to be torn off. It is also advised not to get the healing tattoo wet. This means you have to stay off bathtubs or swimming pools for a while as the water can contaminate the wounds on your tattoo which is potential for bacteria to seep in. This could lead to infection which can cause scarring in the long run.

Clean your scabs

In order to keep your scabs clean, wash or compress it with warm water. This will moisten the skin and will also promote healing. If you got it wet, make sure to pat it dry immediately. Applying antibiotic can also help your scabs to heal faster. Ointments or creams with antibacterial properties can also do the trick.

Lotion works

Applying lotion to your scabs can also help moisten it. It will also prevent the scabs to crack while keeping it healthy at the same time.

You may also want to watch out for signs of infection. If the tattoo you had inked becomes swollen, red, irritated and forming pus, have it checked by a physician immediately. Scabs may not be the only thing you have to worry if your tattoo gets infected.

Scabbing is an important part of healing tattoos. This signifies that your wound is healing so there’s no need for you to pick it off. It is perfectly fine to let it be and letting it fall off in due time. Of course if your scabs show signs of infection, it’s best to get medical attention right away. This way you can avoid further damage to your tattoo.