What to Wear When Your Bra Hurts

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

The right bra can create the illusion of a shapelier silhouette; it could also support the breasts and delay sagging. Unfortunately, most women wear ill-fitting bras that’s why by the end of the day, they can’t wait to get them off!

A bra that’s one or a couple of sizes too small can cause stress on the neck and shoulders — they can even chafe the skin! If you’re looking to great bra alternative without sacrificing support, substitute a conventional bra with any of the following:

Bra Back Extenders

One of the most common reasons why bras are uncomfortable is because they’re the wrong size. If you find yourself dealing with a too-tight bra, consider getting a bra back extender as a quick fix. This is great for bras with the right cup size and the wrong fit around the ribcage. Simply click on the bra back extender on the hooks of your bra to add a couple of inches. Bra back extenders are widely available in local department stores and they come in the most basic bra colors.

Non-Wire Brassieres

While padded, underwire bras are the most popular; they can be uncomfortable to wear. The underwire could dig into the breasts as you move and the sturdy side bands could dig to your sides.

On the other hand, padded, non-wire bras are great if you’re looking to get gentle support without the poking and the digging to your flesh, which are common problems with wearing underwire bras.  The good news is that there are a lot of stylish, non-wire bras to choose from. Sure, non-wire bras might not give your breasts the kind of boost and support that fuller bras give but the material are so much kinder to the skin.

Nipple Covers/Pasties

If you often wear clingy dresses with deeper necklines, why not consider slapping on a couple of pasties instead of wearing a painful padded bra? Pasties or nipple covers—as the names imply—are adhesive silicone covers that conceal your nipples from obvious nip protrusion. The adhesive strips wear off eventually.

Nipple covers aren’t meant to be worn daily; they’re best reserved for special occasions like a hot date or movie premiers (*wink*). However, if you want to give your breasts a break from stifling, painful bras, wear pasties every now and then.


What are bandeaus? Bandeaus are very similar to short tube tops and strapless bras. Most bandeaus are padded while others have underwire. Because bandeaus are strapless, there’s less strain on the shoulders and neck — making them extremely comfortable to wear. Bandeaus are best worn when you want to wear sleeveless tops with low-cut armholes.

Cami Bras

Cami bras are similar to tank tops; they’re loose fitting, very comfortable, and they add a layer of clothing, making them perfect bra alternative for fall or winter. However, most cami bras have less padding. If you’re wearing them in the colder months, make sure they’re layered with thicker articles of clothing to avoid nip protrusion.

Sports Bras

Sports bras offer the same level of support as a full bra but without the discomfort. They’re usually made with super stretchy and breathable fabrics that never dig to your flesh. However, because sports bras aren’t meant to be worn as regular bras, they could look unattractive under clothing.

Wearing sports bras under fitted or dressier clothing will also result in the “uniboob phenomenon,” wherein the breasts look like they’re meshed into one under clothing. To avoid this, choose sports bras with separate cups or have separate stitching down the middle to separate the breasts.