6 Best Pet Reptiles for Beginners

Keeping reptiles for pets is not like keeping a pet dog or cat — whereas Fido and Fluffy are domestic animals whose ancestors were bred to live alongside us, even captive bred reptiles are still wild animals. Some require a level of care and skill befitting only experienced zookeepers, while others may thrive in the hands of dedicated beginners. The …

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A Pet Owner’s Guide to Pet Food

Choosing a nutritional food for your pet may be more difficult than it seems. Most people look for bargains when shopping and you might think you’re getting a good deal when you find a large bag of pet food for a cheap price. However, your pet may be getting cheated when it comes to nutrition and optimal health. But bargain …

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5 Ideas for Decorating a Dog House

Could your dog’s dog house use an update? If your dog is living in drab, uninspiring surroundings, maybe it’s time to give his dog house a fresh, upbeat look. Not only will your dog appreciate his new home, but an updated dog house will give your whole backyard a lift of color. Need some inspiration? Here are some ideas for …

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