5 Reasons to Eat More Strawberries

Photo by: Flickr
Photo by: Flickr

Not many can turn down a nice juicy strawberry, especially since they are so much more than a delicious fruit. They are great covered in chocolate, they make an excellent cake topping, and they make a scrumptious ice cream topping. But, if these are not enough good reasons to enjoy the delectable fruit, try some of the following reasons. You might suddenly find you cannot get enough of them.

1. Boost Your Immunity

Just one serving of strawberries provides nearly half of your daily Vitamin C requirement. That means that just one cup of strawberries can meet your total daily requirement for Vitamin C consumption, and this particular vitamin is well known for its immune system benefits. Not to mention, the many antioxidants found in the berries are also excellent immune system boosters. According to a study conducted by UCLA in 2010, the immune system benefits gained from strawberry antioxidants begin to be noticed as early as two weeks of regularly eating the berries.

2. Protect Your Eye Health

The antioxidants found in strawberries are thought to have some ability to prevent cataracts. Additionally, the Vitamin C found in strawberries is also a wonderful promoter of eye health. It plays a part in keeping both the cornea and the retina healthy. As an added bonus, research has indicated that high doses of Vitamin C from fruit and vegetable sources does not increase the risk for glaucoma in women over the age of 65, as do Vitamin C supplements. Boost the immune system and protect the eyes.

3. Help Avoid Diabetes

Some studies indicate that strawberries could play an extensive role in preventing blood sugar spikes. Those that suffer from diabetes or that know someone else that does know how important it is to keep blood sugar levels even.

4. Enjoy Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

Strawberries can fight inflammation by lowering the body’s levels of c-reactive protein, a protein indicator of inflammation. One such study suggests that the berries must be consumed at least three times a day in order to reap this benefit, though. Luckily, though, strawberries are tasty enough to want to enjoy more than once per day.

5. Burn More Fat and Boost Memory

Strawberries are thought to aid in fat reduction due to their anthocyanin content, which is said to stimulate the body’s fat burning process. Anthocyanins are also good for short-term memory boosts. So add these to your list of reasons to consume more strawberries and enjoy!