Chrono Diet: Does It Work?

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Also known as diet-per-hour, the Chrono diet was developed in 1986 by Dr. Alan Delabos, a respected chrononutritionist. Chrono diet may be having its moment in the fitness industry but it’s been around for a long time — and it comes in various forms too.

Although there are many forms of chrono diets, the principle remains the same— to eat according to the body’s digestion rate. Chrononutrition is based on the idea that the body does not have a constant digestion rate. Our body secretes different enzymes and hormones that break down different types of food we eat in the most calculated way.

At certain times of the day, the body digests food more effectively, usually around every four hours. By eating the right set of food at the right time, you will slim down naturally. Chrononutrition effectively slims down the body because you eat a specific type of food that can be broken down according to the body’s enzyme secretions at a certain time.

Chrononutrition is not simply a diet plan, it’s meant to “train” the body to eat according to its own natural rhythm and enzymatic secretions. For Dr. Delabos, our natural ancestral needs are predetermined in the body.

In Chrono diets, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and must never be skipped. You want to eat a large breakfast high in starch, butter, and followed up by fruits. As you consume food early in the morning, your body will quickly store calories that will be burned throughout the day. In Chrononutrition, dieters are allowed to eat a heavy, hearty breakfast.

Lunch typically consists of high-protein food and some starch. Of course, observing portions is a must. In a Chrono diet, the amount of food you eat for lunch should be notably less than what you ate for breakfast.

Although snacking is allowed in Chrono diet, it should be taken only after another four hours has passed. In addition, the snack should be just enough to get you through dinner. Dark chocolates and fruits are often recommended as snacks.

The lightest meal of all is dinner. Chrono dieters can opt to skip dinner altogether if they are not hungry. In Chrononutrition, dinner is taken to give the body just enough calories to restore the body’s energy effectively without storing excess calories as fat. As such, dinner should consist of fish and vegetableswith the portions having to be reasonable.

Does Chrono diet work?

Unlike most fad diets, Chrono diet is scientifically tested and proven to yield results! What makes Chrono diet popular among health buffs is that there is no food that’s exempted to eat. Dieters are free to eat carbs, proteins, or both at the same time. However, timing is everything. Chrono dieters are only allowed to eat after every four hours. Yes, you can eat animal fats and proteins but portions have to be observed during lunch and dinner.

Most Chrono dieters tend to avoid sugar-laden food because they’re high in fat and empty calories. Dairy products and alcohol are also avoided.