Golfer’s Vasculitis

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Intense heat can sometimes bring out certain discomfort to many people. Some even develop rashes and Golfer’s vasculitis is one of them. If you think you have this condition due to heat then you need to know what this is all about and see what you can do to relieve this.

What is Golfer’s vasculitis?

In general terms, vasculitis refers to the blood vessels that are inflamed. When these blood vessels inflamed, they become weak, increase in size, stretches and becomes narrow. Some of them end up closing entirely. Golfer’s vasculitis is a condition when rashes appear on the lower legs. These usually occur above the sock line. These spotty and patchy rashes usually travel upwards the knees.

According to research, this rash is simply caused by an irritation of the blood vessels after an exercise under the heat. This could be due to running or walking for extended periods of time. This kind of rashes are usually seen in people ages 50 and above.

Besides golfer’s vasculitis, there are also other heat-related rashes which can be mistaken as this condition. One of them is “Disney rash” or the rashes that a person gets whenever they are walking around theme parks or amusement parks. These rashes usually form in the legs and ankles. Some believe that this is caused by an allergic reaction but it really is due to heat and humidity. Another type of heat-related rashes is your leg rash. They also appear like golfer’s vasculitis which are red, itchy and sore.


Golfer’s vasculitis is not really itchy at first but they do become irritated over time and tends to become itchy. Cooling down the area where these rashes developed can help as it relaxes the blood vessels. Soaking a cloth in cold water or simply putting ice or cold packs into the skin helps ease the itch.

Some people use Caladryl gel before they take long walks. Although it helps a little, it does nothing to keep the rashes from developing.

Taking a cool shower after walking can also help relieve these rashes. If you are walking, make sure to bring water and cloth with you so when these rashes develop, you can simply sit down for a moment and give it a cold compress. This way the rashes are relieved from being sore and red.

It has been said that golfer’s vasculitis may be due to poor circulation in the body so elevating the legs before sleeping can also help ease the redness, sore and itching.

Running and walking are great ways to lose weight. It is also a great cardio exercise! However if you are prone to golfer’s vasculitis then it is best to come prepared. Make sure to bring enough water when running or prepare a good ice pack the moment you get the chance to treat your rashes. Don’t forget to take a cooling bath to ease the sores and itchiness. Although these may not entirely prevent the rashes from occurring, it can help relieve the discomfort. So make sure to keep these tips in mind. Enjoy!