How Drinking Distilled Water Keeps the Kidneys Healthy

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

From flavored water to alkaline water, mineral water to spring water, there are so many different types of bottled water being sold today that it’s hard to know which ones are really better than the rest. If say, you are interested in drinking nothing but pure water, then we recommend choosing the distilled kind.

­­Unlike filtered water where only a fraction of the impurities are taken out, distilled water goes through several processes to remove all traces of impurities, chemicals, and trace elements in water. This makes distilled water one of the purest of all water products.

Types of Water Distillation

Distilled water goes through three types of processes, distillation, double distillation, and deionization.

Distillation is where water is boiled and the condensing steam is harvested. The boiling leaves behind all contaminants — with the result being clean, pure water.

Double distillation, as the name implies, is where the water is distilled twice. The final product is highly purified water used for biochemistry and trace analysis in laboratories.

The deionization is a process where mineral ions are removed from water. The result of removing uncharged organic molecule is purified water similar to distilled water but without scale buildup.

Is Bottled Water the Same as Distilled Water?

The quick answer is no. They are extremely different. As you can imagine, the quality of the water you take in is important to your health. Some types of chemically treated waters (bottled water) contain toxic trace elements that build up on the kidneys. This effects how the kidneys work. Because of various factors, the kidneys will start to deteriorate, causing different problems.

If you think bottled water is better than tap water, you’d be surprised to know that both types of waters are similar in quality. Bottled water and tap water are filtered the same way. The processing of tap and bottled water do not get rid of chlorine. Worse, miniscule metal particles from untreated water often go through the filters and end up in bottled water. You’re only wasting more money buying bottled water when you can get the same level of water quality straight from the tap.

Why Distilled Water Is Best for the Kidneys

We all know that drinking 8 glasses of water each day helps keep the kidneys healthy. The kidney works like an advanced filter system too. It filters the blood, taking out impurities and toxins that are otherwise harmful to our health. Water helps the kidneys go through the filtration of the blood, easing out impurities to be expelled as waste.

Distilled water is not only the purest type of water to try; it’s also great for detoxifying the system and cleaning out the cells and organs in the body. By taking only the best types of water, you not only cleanse your system, you also maintain normal functions of the kidneys.

Distilled water contains no contaminants, no harmful microorganism, and no toxic chemicals. This explains why distilled water tastes “flat,” it literally contains zero chemicals. It’s what water tastes like in its purest form. It’s so healthy that people with weakened immune system are advised by doctors to drink distilled water instead of bottled water.