How Meditation Improves Your Immune System

Photo by: Flickr
Photo by: Flickr

Stress can be a major contributor to disease as it depletes the immune system, making it difficult for your body to fight off ailments and heal itself. Nervous tension is not designed to be detrimental to health, but it certainly can be when it continues for too long. The fight-or-flight response triggered by stress can give you an energy boost and enhance your capacity for dealing with potential injuries for a short period. Nonetheless, the type of modern day strains that most people encounter tend to carry on for extended amounts of time, and the stress hormone cortisol kicks in with vengeance leaving the immune system weak. Studies show that you can reduce anxiety significantly by meditating, thus supporting your immune system and benefiting from a calm state of mind.

Having a little stress in your life is not necessarily damaging, but if you undergo anxiety regularly or for a long time, it is likely that your immune system is low and you catch viruses quickly and heal from injuries slowly. Like numerous other people, you might imagine that acquiring certain ailments is inevitable since everyone seems to suffer from colds and other well-known illnesses around you. However, you can literally change your mind via meditating as doing so has the power to alter your brainwaves so that you are happy and life is relatively easy. Once you take life’s vicissitudes in your stride, your immune system will improve dramatically and you could become one of those rare people who do not fall ill easily.

One particular study supports the idea that meditation can reduce the chance of catching flu. Anxiety-laden employees were taught mindfulness for eight weeks before being given the flu vaccine in order to analyze their immune system’s reaction. Later, their blood was tested and compared to other workers that were not taught meditation and had taken the vaccine. Meditators were found to have increased antibodies, in contrast to the control group who did not show such promising results.

Amazingly, studies also provide inspiring results for people with HIV who meditate, and those with skin disorders, fatigue, PMS, depression, heart disease, arthritis and various other disorders that are influenced by anxiety. Whether you have insomnia, high blood pressure or another type of ailment, meditating could be beneficial by increasing your disease-fighting ability. Furthermore, even if you consider yourself healthy at the present moment, meditating now could strengthen your immune system and prevent illnesses from occurring.