Not All Proteins are Created Equal: A Quick Primer on Protein Quality

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

It is true that not all proteins are created equal. This is because each protein has different components and different effects on the body. For those who are going to the gym, protein supplements are very important. Whether you are growing muscles, losing weight, toning your body or simply getting into shape, a protein supplement or powder must be taken before and after each gym session. Now it is important that the quality of protein you are using meet the nutrients that your body needs.

Proteins are essential in building and repairing muscle tissues. This is especially needed when you are participating in intense workouts. The most common source of protein comes from food like chicken, beef, eggs, fish, cheese, milk and protein powders or supplements. There are also proteins found in potatoes, rice, pasta, nuts and many others but these are not considered to be the most essential proteins compared to the ones found in meat and dairy. In order to gain muscles or lose fat, it is best to maintain a high protein intake. Basically, you need to multiply your body weight by 1.5. Divide that intake into 5-6 meals and that how much protein you need to take each day.

Of course, you can’t sit and eat eight egg whites or chicken breasts each meal, right? That would be a difficult thing to do. This is why you need a better alternative of protein sources so you can get the needed results.

Benefits of quality protein

Choosing the right kind of protein alternative has its advantages. A good protein alternative should be able to meet the protein requirements that your body needs. They help you with digestion and absorption and at the same time provide you with the right amount of amino acids you need. So how can you get all of these? The trick is to pick a good protein powder that will contribute in your muscle gain but at the same time easy on your pockets.

How to pick the good protein quality?

First of all, understand that not all proteins are created for the same purpose and quality. Identifying the kind of protein supplement or powder you need is the best way to do it. There are protein powders known as mass gainers which are composed of proteins, fats and carbs. Now although these are important nutrients for anyone who trains, these are not the best kind. You might just be consuming more fat than proteins due to the calories that these mass gainers contain. When picking the right kind of protein powder, it is best to read the fat and carb content of it. It should contain at least 1 to 5 grams of low fat and carb while protein should be at about 20 to 30 grams per serving.

Next, check out the company that’s making these protein supplements and powders. It is general knowledge to know who makes these protein alternatives and see if there are any satisfied customers who can attest to their products. Positive feedbacks are generally your basis if the products they have are as effective as advertised.

A protein alternative that has natural ingredients is also a good quality to pick. Make sure that you know and can read what the ingredients are made of. If it gets too weird to pronounce then you know that they have added synthetic ingredients in their products.

Look out for ones with concentrated protein ingredients like casein and whey protein isolate. These two are basically the main ingredients that help in digestion and absorption and at the same time provide amino acids and all the nutrients you need in building muscles.

Lastly, don’t buy the ones that have been promoted way too often. Unrealistic claims and overly endorsed protein products are not always as effective as they claim to be. You will only end up wasting money in the long run so stick with the ones you know and recommended by many pros. When it comes to quality protein the results will always speak for itself.