Salt and Water: The Strong Link Between Hydration and Sea Salt for Better Health

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

When you think about hydrating the body and avoiding dry skin, the last thing that comes to mind is ingesting sea salt. But the thing with salt and water is that they have a strange connection, they work together to achieve a healthy body.

The body is 70% water and around 10 tablespoons of salt. Salt and water are important in lubricating the joints, keeping the organs healthy and regulating the blood and lymph nodes. Salt and water also help preserve the flexibility of the muscles, normalize body temperature, and even keep the skin glowing and young-looking. Throughout the day, you lose body fluids from perspiring, breathing, and excreting so you have to replenish your supply of water. When you’re dehydrated, organs are damaged from the constant stress which could lead to a variety of dangerous disorders.

The Dangers of Dehydration

When you’re not taking in more fluids than you have to, you will start getting constant headaches that do not go away, followed by nosebleed, constipation, and dry cough. Your breath will stink, and your skin will dry out. Severe dehydration could trigger the development of diabetes along with other degenerative diseases and cardiovascular ailments. Your cells thrive on water and if there’s very little fluid in your body, your cells won’t be able to function normally.

Painful ulcers will start to develop as you suffer various digestive problems. Your blood pressure will spike and you will feel more tired throughout the day. Because the blood is 83% water, too little water could cause circulatory problems as well. We could go on and on about the dangers of dehydration. The point is you have to meet at least the minimum amount of water you need for the day — 8 glasses.

How Water and Natural Sea Salt Help Optimize Hydration

Salt, not the kind found in most kitchens, is beneficial to the body because it works hand in hand with water. But salt has been vilified in the mainstream media simply because most foods contain unhealthy levels of the stuff. The fact is if you take in the right amount of salt, it could be instrumental to better health.

Not all salt are created equal. We recommend drinking Celtic sea salt, a type of unrefined sea salt. Celtic sea salt is light grey in color and contains about 80 minerals the body needs to achieve optimum health.

This doesn’t mean you have to start eating salty foods to stay healthy; that’s a dangerous habit. You want to add the minerals that natural salt contains to boost health. So how does natural salt like Celtic sea salt help keep the body health?

Salt works like an electrical component that stimulates organs to work at peak efficiency. When there’s an imbalance of salt and water in the body, the organs start to get stressed out, causing degeneration that inevitably leads to a variety of diseases.

Salt also assists in helping your cells absorb nutrients well. When you don’t have enough salt in your diet, your cells won’t be getting the right level of nutrition they need to maintain normal body functions. What’s more, salt also keeps the bones dense and strong, it prevents symptoms associated with PMS and it may also help regulate sleep.