The Bad Effects of Drinking Diet Soda

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Soda is a refreshing drink. It’s good for those people who are not really hard drinkers but there’s also a downside to that. Worse, the diet soda you are taking is not really good for your health! So if you think that it’s not affecting your health, think again. There are some pretty nasty side effects on drinking too much of these sodas too. Read this article to know more about it.

So, you love diet sodas? Stop right now and read these side effects:

  • Abnormal metabolism

    Studies show that drinking diet sodas gives you a 34% higher risk of having metabolic syndrome. This condition gives you symptoms like belly fat and high cholesterol levels which also puts you as risk for heart disease. It slows your metabolism which makes it even dangerous.

  • Obesity

    Truth is diet sodas do not help you lose weight at all. In fact, it only adds more to your weight. According to studies, people who drink diet sodas have greater risk of becoming overweight. Understand that diet sodas are filled with artificial sweeteners. Because of these artificial sweeteners, your body is thinking that it is eating sugar when it’s not. So as a result, your body craves more of this.

  • Rotten teeth

    Sodas are made to be acidic in nature. Diet soda alone has a pH of 3.2 which is already very acidic. This acid contributes in dissolving the enamel of the teeth. People who drink soda three or more in one day have greater risks for tooth decay and other teeth condition.

  • Problems with kidneys

    Among the many major organs affected in your body, the kidney may suffer the worse. Keep in mind that the kidney acts as the filter of our body, so whatever we drink passes through them. In a research study conducted to 3,000 women, researchers found out that diet soda is most likely one of the many reasons for kidney failure. It is also found out that the artificial sweeteners play a big role in killing the kidneys.

  • Problems of the reproductive system

    Understand that sodas are carbonated drinks coated with bisphenol A. This bisphenol A is an endocrine disruptor that is found out to be the many causes of heart problems as well as reproductive issues.

Of course some people would say “What’s wrong with just one can?” – if you think that nothing is wrong with just one can of soda then go ahead. Take that drink! No one is stopping you anyway. However the risks are real and there are many people suffering from these conditions because that “one can” became two then three and the addiction to soda didn’t stopped there. So if you value your life and your health, you will consider the outcome of this.

If you truly love yourself then you will eat healthily. Take care of your body because we only have one. Make sure to avoid drinking carbonated drinks. Choose organic food and juices instead. You will definitely gain more from these than lose in the end.