The Fage Greek Yogurt Revolution – Weight Loss Superfood

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

We all know that losing weight can be a challenge but if you are determined to do that then you need yhelp along the way. Not only will you be losing weight from exercising but also with the food you choose. One of the best foods that you can include in your diet is the Fage Greek yogurt. This wonderful food has all the healthy essentials that you need in losing weight.

Fage Greek Yogurt contains calcium, enzymes that aid in digestion and protein. A serving of this yogurt can supply you with the calories you need. It is also fat-free and is best served with fruits and snacks. So if you want to know more, here’s what this yogurt can do for you.

Healthy Uses:

Eating Fage greek yogurt for breakfast will help keep you full. Adding fruits like grapes, melons and the likes also makes a great breakfast. If you want to experiment, mangoes and pomegranates can also be added to this wonderful yogurt. If you love granolas you can make this into a Greek yogurt parfait. In case you only want smoothies for breakfast, adding yogurt to your milk and fruits in a blender can do the trick.

Since this is a wonderful way to lose weight, incorporate this yogurt in your lunch as well. Eating this with eggs, potatoes or salad is a great way to enjoy your lunch. If you love salad dressings, replacing it with this yogurt might also help. It’s also a great substitute as your sour cream dip.

If you love pasta, you might try substituting the pasta cream and cheese with this yogurt. It can also be used as marinate for your meat and others. Experiment with dishes using this yogurt too. You can even use it along with your kebabs.

For snacks, Fage Greek yogurt is perfect. You can make tasty fruit pops with this yogurt as a healthy substitute for chips as snacks. All you need is a handful of fruits, two tablespoons of sugar, honey and bake them. Once the berries cooled down, add two cups of plain Greek yogurt, mix it all in and place them in popsicle molders. Pop those in the freezer and you have your very own healthy snack.

Besides being a wonderful breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack option, yogurts can also be used as desserts. They can be made into icing too; all you need is to mix it with semi-sweet chocolate chips as an alternative for ready-made icing. They also have healthy calories which is great for your weight loss.

You see there are many health benefits when you include this healthy yogurt in your daily meals. It’s all-natural, it’s packed with all the nutrients you need and has the calories you need to help you lose weight. If in case you are allergic to yogurt then it’s best to find other alternatives of course. Don’t force it in your system if you don’t want to suffer the complications. For more information and uses of this yogurt, make sure to consult a food expert or dietitian. Doing so will surely help you in your journey to a successful weight loss.