The Healthy Benefits of Eating Dark Chocolate

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

There are a few people out there who don’t like eating chocolate. They have this mindset that chocolates are fattening and therefore it should be something that we all should stay away. However, eating chocolates, especially the dark ones, have its health benefits. Don’t believe me? Well this article will tell you what you can get from these delicious treats. Read on for more.

According to studies, dark chocolate can actually help you stay thin. It also turned out that eating dark chocolate from help reduce body mass, prevents blood clots, and even prevent cancer. Researchers athe University of California – San Diego found out that, people who eat chocolate frequently have lower body-mass than those who don’t. It can also prevent strokes, heart attacks and even the dreaded diabetes. Now if you don’t like dark chocolate, you might just have to rethink that. Here are the top five benefits that you can get from chocolates.

Chocolates can help you with math problems

While this may sound ridiculous but chocolates have flavanols that help people with math. According to a study conducted, people who eat chocolates have an easy time counting backwards after drinking a cup of hot chocolate than those who didn’t. It is also found out that students who eat chocolate while studying for an exam can also get good answers as they go along.

It is good for your skin

People dread pimples and there’s a belief that chocolates can cause pimples. However, contrary to that belief, chocolates help prevent breakouts and are actually good for your skin. The flavonoids found in dark chocolate helps protect the skin from the harmful UV rays. So if you want a healthy looking skin, eat dark chocolate every now and then.

Prevents coughing

If you don’t like taking cough medicines, you can now substitute it with chocolates! The chemical component found in chocolates called theobromine helps in reducing the activity of your vagus nerve. This nerve is the one responsible for coughing fits. So now you know why there are cough medicine that tastes like chocolate!

Good for your brain

Did you know that dark chocolates protect the cells of your brain? According to research conducted at the John Hopkins University, the compound called epicatechin found in dark chocolates reduces the brain damage to those who suffered from stroke. It was also found out that this epicatechin helps improve memory.

Prevents cancer

Since chocolate is made from cocoa, the compound known as pentamer or pentameric procyanidin found in cocoa is said to disrupt cancer cells and its ability to spread in the body. A research done with pentamer done in 2005 also found out that it also suppresses the cancer’s ability to multiply.

You see, eating dark chocolate has its health benefits so why not include that in your diet? It doesn’t have to be all the time but a good portion of dark chocolate at least once a week is a good way to start. Doing so will help improve your body’s immunity to fight different kinds of illnesses in a delicious way!