The Many Health and Beauty Benefits of Argan Oil

 Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Derived from the pressed nuts of the Argan tree that grows in Morocco, Argan oil is considered as “liquid gold” because of its many beauty and health benefits.

The Argan tree lives from 150 up to 200 years and does not start producing fruits until it’s about 30 to 50 years old. And because the Argan tree grows only in limited areas of Morocco, the Argan oil is not only one of the most expensive oils there is, it’s also one of the rarest.

Harvesting the Argan Tree

Harvesting the nuts for the oil the traditional way is a long and tedious process. Morocco’s mountain goats, called Tamri goats, will literally climb the Argan tree to eat the nuts several times. The Argan oil producer will collect the Tamri goat droppings where the nut is left undigested. The collected nuts are then cold-pressed to produce the oil. However, this is an old practice — several Argan oil manufacturers could now be using machines to collect and process the oil but there are still some who prefer the old fashioned way of harvesting the Argan nut.

Health and Beauty Benefits of Argan Oil

It’s no secret that of all the precious oils, Argan oil is the most beneficial. Moroccan women use Argan oil for centuries as skin moisturizer, but this precious oil does more than just nourish the skin:

Healthy Alternative to Cooking Oil

Argan oil is best known as a facial moisturizer or a popular ingredient in many personal care products but did you know this oil is traditionally used in cooking too? Argan oil is one of the world’s healthiest oils and it’s commonly used in salad dressing and dips. It’s also used as cooking oil in Morocco.

Aids in Digestion

Argan oil helps trigger the stomach to produce more pepsin in the gastric juice which aids in digestion. Argan oil also contains flavonoids that soothe the organs and prevent inflammation.

Heals Damaged Skin

Used as a moisturizer, Argan oil helps banish early signs of aging and deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin on a cellular level. But used on damaged skin, it will stimulate skin renewal for faster healing. Argan oil contains anti-inflammatory properties that will heal burned, damaged, cracked, or inflamed skin.

Prevents Stretch Marks

If you’re prone to stretch marks, then start slathering Argan oil on your stomach, bottom, thighs, and breasts! Argan oil contains a high concentration of vitamin E. Applied regularly, Argan oil restores skin elasticity, prevents sagging, and smoothes out puckered skin that occurs after giving birth.

Prevents Acne

If you think adding Argan oil on inflamed, oily or acne-prone skin is a bad idea, think again! Argan oil is a non-greasy facial moisturizer that helps re-balance the skin. It contains antioxidants that prevent skin damage and also soothe and heal inflamed skin. Just a few drops of Argan oil after cleansing helps lock in moisture and prevent acne flare-ups!

Blocks Bad Cholesterol

Argan oil contains rare plant sterols known as schottenol and spinasterol. No other oil contains these sterols. Schottenol and spinasterol are unique because of their composition in Argan oil. Sterols helps prevent inflammation and block bad cholesterol from being absorbed by the body from the intestines. Schottenol and spinasterol are also known for their anti-cancer properties.