Top 7 Indian Delicious Indian Dishes You’ve Never Tried Before

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Every once in a while it is great to explore other kinds of food than your usual bread and cereal. It’s even interesting to go to a restaurant that makes these authentic cuisines. Now if you are someone who isn’t afraid of trying out new things and food then perhaps you might like the idea of eating Indian food!

We all know that India is home to many delicious foods bursting with flavors and spices. So if you want to taste the best Indian food, here are seven delicious dishes that you should try.

1. Rogan Josh

This delicious dish was said to be brought to Kashmir by the Mughals. It is considered to an important dish in the Wazwan. Rogan Josh is dish made with lamb meat. It is prepared by cooking tender lamb in gravy made from yogurt, onions, ginger and garlic. It is then seasoned by spices like bay leaves, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom. What’s making this dish appetizing is the red color that comes out when it’s done. So why don’t you try one today?

2. Murg Makhani

One of the yummiest Indian dishes you should try is the Murg Makhani. It is simply chicken marinated overnight in yogurt and spices mixture like garam masala, garlic paste, ginger, coriander, chilly, cumin, lime and turmeric. Once the chicken absorbs all the marinade, it is then cooked in tomato gravy in a tandoor. Butter, fresh cream, khoa and other spices are then added.

3. Macher Jhol

This dish is made from fish and is a traditional Bengali food. Fish like Rohu, Catla and Hilsa are the kind of fish used in this recipe. The fish is then covered with garlic, onions, ginger and turmeric. Tomatoes are then added to give this dish a kick. It is then served with this yummy Indian food.

4. Appam and Vegetable Stew

This food is a traditional Indian breakfast dish in Kerela. It is sometimes eaten during lunch. Appam is like a pancake but is made from rice batter and coconut milk. A variety of vegetables like beans, peas, carrots, potatoes and the likes are then served with this food.

5. Pork Vindaloo

Pork Vindaloo is a popular dish in Goan. It is made from pork with spicy curry, vinegar, garlic, red chillies, and hard palm jiggery. It is then served with hot rice.

6. Undhiyo

This dish is made from mixed-vegetables and is a popular dish in Gujarat. The vegetables are then cooked with beans, purple yam and raw banana with coconut and curry. It’s usually eaten during winter and is great with shrikhand and puris.

7. Pandhra Rassa

This Indian dish is made from chicken in white gravy and is a popular traditional dish in Kolhapur. The gravy used in this recipe is made from chicken or mutton broth, onions, cashew paste and coconut milk. Spices are then added to this dish to add flavor.

So in case you want to try out new Indian food, make sure to check these dishes out. They are definitely worth trying!