Treating Ear Infection with Sweet Oil

Doctor checking little boy's ear infectionOtitis, also known as ear infection, occurs when parts of inner or outer ear canals are inflamed. An ear infection can affect young people and adults alike. Any type of ear infection should be checked by a doctor for diagnosis. If left untreated, an ear infection could result in permanent hearing problems.

Otitis is divided into four different types:

Otitis Externa: Also known as swimmer’s ear. This occurs when the outer or ear canal becomes inflamed or irritated.

Otitis Interna: This infection occurs in the innermost part of the ear. Infection and inflammation happen near the sensory organ, causing vertigo among other symptoms.

Otitis Media: This occurs when there’s infection in the middle ear.  The ear will develop fluid behind the eardrums, causing clogging and infection. This condition could be caused by bacterial or viral infection. It’s also common during childhood. In severe cases, surgery is required to drain the accumulation of fluid near the eardrums.

Symptoms of Ear Infection

The most common signs that point to an ear infection is earache, followed by fever. Babies will try to pull their ears when they hurt. Other symptoms include irritation, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and trouble sleeping. In severe cases, yellow or reddish liquid will ooze out of the ear. In this case, the eardrum may have ruptured.

Treating Ear Infection with Sweet Oil

Sweet oil refers to either sweet almond or olive oil. Adding sweet oil to an infected ear is an age-old tradition. And it’s quite effective in treating the condition. Almond and olive oil are loaded with essential nutrients that will heal and prevent infection. Warming the oil helps soothe inflammation and ease symptoms associated with an infection.

To treat an ear infection using sweet oil, heat a small amount of olive or sweet almond oil in a pan. Heat for several seconds, it should be warm – not hot – to touch.

Get a dropper to suck up the warm oil. Tilt your head at an angle and add a few drops of warm oil into the infected ear. You can use a cotton ball to stop the oil from pouring out of your ears. Just leave the oil in your ears until pain and swelling go down.

Apart from sweet almond oil or olive oil, you can also use sunflower oil, mustard or garlic oil. The key is to use oil with powerful anti-inflammation, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. Also, do note that sweet oil may relieve pain and inflammation caused by ear infection but it won’t cure the condition.

Other Home Treatments for Ear Infections

Apart from sweet oil, a warm compress is great for pain relief for infected ears. Inhaling hot water steam is another excellent home remedy. Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil helps draw out accumulated fluid in the ear.

You can also drain the fluid inside your ear using heated salt. Pour a cup of table salt in a clean sock. Tie the ends of the sock and microwave for several seconds to a couple of minutes. Once the sock is hot enough, lie on your side with the infected ear up. Lay the hot sock over your ears for five to ten minutes.