Weight Loss Facts And Myths

Photo by: Flickr
Photo by: Flickr

There are many truths, as well as misconceptions, when it comes to weight loss.  Healthy weight loss is possible by following a diet plan, along with regular exercise.  Some common weight loss facts and myths include:

Myth:  The best way to achieve fast weight loss is to crash diet.  Crash diet is close in meaning to fasting.

Truth:  A crash diet is the worse possible way to attempt to achieve fast, healthy weight loss.  A crash diet can cause you to experience medical problems, including extreme fatigue.  While you may lose some weight by using the crash diet method, you are likely to gain that weight back once you resume your regular diet.  Most people who crash diet to achieve weight loss not only gain back the weight they lost, they most often gained additional weight, as well.

Myth:  Eliminating carbohydrates from your diet is the best way to meet your weight loss goals.

Truth:  Although there are many theories regarding carbohydrates being fattening, none of them have been scientifically proven.  The kilocalorie levels in carbohydrates are very similar to the levels found in proteins.  You do not have to eliminate carbohydrates from your diet in order to reach your weight loss goals.  However, you should remember to chose your carbohydrates wisely.  Instead of having fried noodles, it may be better to chose some sort of noodle soup.  Instead of having fried rice, choosing white rice will make your meal less fattening.

Myth:  Consuming green tea on a regular basis is the best way to help me achieve healthy weight loss.

Truth:  It is true that green tea can help boost metabolic rates in some people.  Thus, it is possible for green tea can slightly increase the speed of fat burning processes.  However, these effects would be so minute, it is unlikely to lead to any noticeable weight loss.  Green tea is not the best choice to aid in weight loss programs.

Myth:  The best way to reach your weight loss goals is to stop eating anything after a certain hour of the day.

Fact:  It does not matter what time of day you eat.  Your body will process the calories you consume in the same fashion, no matter what time of the day it is.  Restricting food during certain hours of the day is highly unlikely to aid in healthy weight loss.

Myth:  If you include plenty of cabbage or grapefruit in your diet, it will help you lose body fat.

Fact:  There is no food that can aid in the burning of body fat.  The healthy way to decrease body fat is to eat a healthy diet, as well as regular exercise.

Myth:  Exercise is not required to achieve your weight loss goals.  There are alternative methods of weight loss that do not include exercise.

Truth:  Exercise is a vital part of any weight loss regimen.  Healthy weight loss cannot be achieved without regular exercise.