10 Cool Facts About Your Russian Blue

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

With a beautiful silver-y blue double coat; startling green eyes; and slim, graceful body, the Russian Blue cat is a popular breed among cat lovers! You know your Russian Blue is one cool cat but it won’t hurt to know more fun facts about this coveted cat breed:

It’s an Old Cat Breed

Russian Blue is an older, naturally occurring breed of domestic cats. Their origin can be traced back to the port town of Arkhangelsk, Russia in the 1800s. That’s why Russian blues are also called “Archangel” Blues!

Beautiful Double Coat

One of the many unique features of the Russian Blue is its double coat. The Russian Blue cat possesses a soft, luxurious blue undercoat and silvery top coat. And together, they create this blue-silvery coat that shimmers as the cat walks.

Very Affectionate Breed

Cats may have earned a rep for being coolly detached from their owners but the Russian Blue is not shy about showing his affection. In fact, Russian Blues are known for being super devoted and affectionate towards their humans. But they can be extremely shy around strangers and dislike kids with a passion.

They’re Hypoallergenic

Russian Blues are less likely to trigger an allergy attack because their saliva and sebum contains less of the protein that triggers allergies in some people. They are considered as one of the few hypoallergenic cat breeds.

Tom of Tom & Jerry Fame is a Russian Blue

Tom—who’s forever chasing Jerry in the beloved cartoon series—is a Russian blue! His blue-gray covering and eyes are consistent with the dominant features of a Russian Blue.

Russian Blue Only Comes in Blue

It might seem redundant but this piece of info helps when you are looking for a Russian Blue cat. This breed does not come in any color other than blue.  If a seller is passing off a kitten as a Russian Blue but it comes in a different color, chances are, it’s not the real deal.

They Don’t Shed a Lot

You don’t have to worry about too much shedding when you’ve chosen a Russian Blue. The cat’s coat does not shed as often as other cats. This means you don’t have to brush his coat every day and clean up loose hair on your shirt or weird places around your home.

They are Short-Haired

The Russian Blue is short-haired. If you see a Russian Blue-looking cat with a long coat, you probably saw its equally stunning cousin, the Nebalung. Both the Russian Blue and the Nebalung share the same silver-y blue coat and sparkling green eyes but the latter sports a luxurious (and high maintenance) long coat.

Russian Blues Are One of the Smartest of All Cat Breeds

Russian Blues are extremely intelligent cats; one of the smartest of all cat breeds. Apart from being able to do complex tasks, they can also do really difficult tricks. Russian Blues share similar temperament with dogs and they will exhibit dog-like personalities, they will even play fetch with you. Go on, try it!

Russian Blues Are One of the Healthiest Cat Breeds

Russian blues are extremely healthy cat breeds too. Because it’s a naturally occurring breed, there are no genetic disorders or vulnerability to certain cat ailments to worry about. When cared for, Russian Blues can live up to 20 years!