5 Dangerous Dog Illnesses That You Should Watch Out For

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

4.  Rabies

some animals have rabies, dogs in particular are among these animals. Rabies is a well-known virus that can be found in animals that commonly affects the brain and spinal cord of mammals like dogs. This virus can be passed on through saliva or bite by an infected animal. If your dog is exposed to wild animals then they could be at risk. Now if you suspect that your beloved dog has rabies, there are a few signs and symptoms that you can watch out for.
Dogs with rabies may show extreme behavioral changes. They could be restless or apprehensive which may be triggered by aggression. Dogs that are friendly may become irritable, may bite or snap at any form of stimulus. They may also attack other animals and humans or inanimate objects. They may also bite, lick or chew at the site where they were bitten. Fever may also be present at the onset of rabies.
As the condition worsens, your dog may become hypersensitive to light, sound or touch. They may eat unusual things and will often hide in dark places. There will also be paralysis of the throat, jaws and foaming of the mouth. Dogs are also disoriented, unable to move correctly and may stagger due to paralyzed muscles on their hind legs. They will also lose their appetite and will become very weak. Once seizure occurs, sudden death may follow.