5 Dangerous Dog Illnesses That You Should Watch Out For

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

5.  Kennel Cough

just like humans, dogs and other animals can contact respiratory diseases too. Kennel cough is the most common form of these respiratory diseases that dogs are experiencing. Causes of kennel cough may vary but it is mostly caused by a bacteria called Bordetella bronchisepticam or commonly known as Bordetella.
Kennel cough can be contacted by dogs when they inhale bacteria or virus into their respiratory tract. This virus or bacteria infects the coating of mucus into their respiratory tract that causes infection and inflammation of the larynx and trachea. Dogs can usually contact this condition when they are exposed to cold temperatures, dust and/or cigarette smoke, stress caused by traveling or poorly ventilated ventilations like kennels or shelters.
If you suspect that your dog is suffering from kennel cough, there is usually shown by a persistent and forceful cough. This particular kind of cough is sometimes called as a reverse sneeze. It is then followed by an irritation of the throat or post nasal drip. Some dogs may also experience sneezing, runny nose and eye discharges. They also lose their appetites and are often weak.

There are many other diseases that your beloved dog can have. Dogs can also have cancer and tumors but most of the time these are found in the later stages of their life. Parasitic diseases like heartworm, roundworms and tapeworms are also common among dogs. Even cats can contact them. Deworming may be needed depending on the severity of the worms that your dog has. However, among all these diseases these five conditions are considered alarming. If you think your pet is suffering from any of these then it is best that you contact your vet immediately to avoid further complications.
Dogs are like humans, they need lots of care and attention. If you ever decide that you want to take care of one, make sure that you are ready to raise it. Make sure that they are well-fed, happy and healthy. Give them the vaccination and boosters that they need to avoid these illnesses. It may just save their lives in the future.

Is your dog sick? Has he eaten lately? Are any of the symptoms or conditions mentioned appearing in your dog? Don’t ignore it! Contact your vet as soon as possible; it may just save your dog’s life.