5 Ideas for Decorating a Dog House

Photo by: Flickr
Photo by: Flickr

Could your dog’s dog house use an update? If your dog is living in drab, uninspiring surroundings, maybe it’s time to give his dog house a fresh, upbeat look. Not only will your dog appreciate his new home, but an updated dog house will give your whole backyard a lift of color. Need some inspiration? Here are some ideas for dog house décor to consider:

1. Dog house décor: A fresh coat of paint.

Let’s face it. The walls of most dog houses are painted in gloomy grays, browns, and other dull, uninspiring colors. Chances are Rover’s house will look more vibrant if painted in lively, eyecatching shades. Why not paint that dull gray roof a bold shade of red; or paint the roof and walls in soft shades of oranges, reds, and yellows? This will add a casual Southwestern look to your dog’s surroundings. Get color inspiration from home magazines and create a dog house that will stand out among all of the greenery in your backyard.

2. Dog house décor: Personalize it.

After you’ve added color to your dog’s house, make it truly his by painting his name above the entrance. You can use a stencil to do this or freehand it, if you feel comfortable. You can also buy wooden letters at the craft store corresponding to your dog’s name and paint them with interesting colors and patterns that coordinate with the rest of the color scheme. These can then be mounted above the entrance of the dog house.

3. Dog house décor: Decorate the entrance.

To add a little personality to your dog’s house, decorate the front panels with wooden dog bones, hearts, or paw prints that you’ve painted or decorated with waterproof markers. You can buy wooden shapes at your local craft store or cut them out of wood with a scroll saw before decorating them.

4. Dog house décor: Show your artistic talent.

If you have real flair with a paint brush, why not go all out and paint the walls of the dog house with a vibrant abstract design? You can also personalize it by painting the likeness of your dog all over the exterior. What more could a dog ask for?

5. Dog house décor: Don’t neglect the interior.

A dog house with a beautiful exterior should feel good on the inside too. Add a stack of fresh quilts and blankets in colors that complement the exterior décor so your dog will be comfortable in his updated lodgings.

Decorating a dog house is a great way to exercise your latent design talents while making your dog happy at the same time. Have fun!