5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Siberian Husky

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

The Siberian Husky is a dog breed originating from Siberia. The breed is known for its striking eye color, thick coat, and unique markings. The Siberian husky is an agile, athletic and intelligent dog. After all, a husky is a close relative of the wolf. Huskies are incredibly strong too. That’s why they are used to carry heavy loads in a sled. Thinking of getting a husky? We are giving you five reasons to get one today:

1. They are Extremely Good Looking Dogs

We’re getting this out of the way first, huskies are extremely good-looking dogs. They have beautiful markings, vivid colorations, and super fluffy coats. The icy-blue eyes coupled by that luscious coat and markings? Fabulous combination! Huskies come in various colors, black, white, red and silver. Although most huskies have blue eyes, some have amber or green eyes. Others are bi-eyed or parti-eyed.

If you can look past a husky’s good looks, the build of the dog is also worth checking out. Huskies are medium-sized dogs. They have good, solid built.

2. Very Affectionate Breed

Don’t let the menacing appearance fool you, huskies are very affectionate and sociable. Generally, dogs are affectionate – but huskies take it to a whole new level! They love to engage and communicate with their humans. They have the friendliest disposition and they are quite spunky too. They will play tug and wrestle. And because huskies live in a pack, they are extremely loyal to their owners and their loved ones.

Huskies are very outgoing. To kids, they are gentle and friendly. To strangers, they are cautious but agreeable. To other pets, they are sociable and engaging. They’re not as territorial as other dogs nor do they get aggressive to strangers. To their owners, huskies are loyal and vocal about their feelings. Huskies are also eager to work and ready to please!

3. Very Smart

Huskies aren’t just about their looks, they are very smart too. In fact, they are very easy to train. They will pick basic commands with ease. They are easy to potty train too. However, do note that most huskies think independently. They will try to ignore the commands. At some point, they will try to escape training. This is normal. Huskies are endowed with limitless energy and curiosity. Sometimes, this will work against trainers. But don’t worry, they make up for it with intelligence.

4. Dynamic and Athletic

Huskies are best for athletic individuals who love long walks or need jogging, biking or running companions. Huskies are very dynamic, athletic breed. They will take on any challenge with ease. They love exercising, long-distance running and vigorous exercise, especially during colder climates.

Also, huskies are mentally wired to work. If you have a husky, invest in a sled or a cart to pull. Take your pet outdoors and always keep the dog moving. Your pet will appreciate you for it!

5. Naturally Clean and Odorless

Keeping a husky clean is a breeze. They dislike getting dirty to begin with. Unlike other dogs, huskies are very clean and almost odorless. They do not smell like a wet dog even when they’re wet. Huskies are extremely meticulous when it comes to caring for their coat too. They will groom themselves for hours at a time. They lick their coats like cats.